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Signs that indicates she wants to kiss you

There are numerous signs that a girl will reciprocate to your kiss. You have to read them, make a smart move and prepare for the next step. Although it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to dive on your date.


Keep it subtle and let her surprise you even with a light peck on the cheek. If you are still enable to see those signs, don’t worry we are here for your rescue! Here’s a list of signs that indicates she wants to kiss you.



Signs that indicates she wants to kiss you


Her “Long” Stay After The Goodbye!

This is the most obvious signal! If she stays put even after she says goodbye, then this is a legitimate sign that she wants to kiss you. Sweep your date off with a passionate kiss.

Eye Contact & Head Tilting –  There You Go!
If she inclines her head to the side while making an eye contact, you can be assured that she is going to kiss you. Try not to indulge into a sloppy make-out session! Give her a light and soft kiss. Don’t worry, there’s more to come!

She Waits For You To Step Up!
When she doesn’t get out of the car once you reach at her place, she could be waiting for you to say something.  Try to express your feelings after a date or lean in for a cute kiss before she leaves from. This will make her night

Her First Step Says Everything!
If she leans in little more towards you, it may seem like she is going to make the move and kiss you first. Now, it’s your turn to make the final move because she is setting up the stage for you. Bridge the gap and take your next move.

Holding Hands Is A Perfect Indicator
When she lets you drape your arm around her, it means she feels close enough to you.  Dude, it’s high time you must understand her signals that she wants to kiss you.

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