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Romantic Christmas Eve Ideas

In the cold month of Christmas festivities spice up the season with wonderful romantic Christmas ideas and grab a chance to make the occasion merrier for you two. We all know that Christmas is the perfect time for buying gifts, decorating house and gorging on delicious sweeties. Well, put some brake on these routine revelries and realise that Christmas is also a delightful occasion to get romantic. And by romantic we surely don’t mean kissing and wishing Merry Christmas to each other, but definitely to get ready for some passionate endeavours. An ideal way to have fun on Christmas is to team up your traditional merriments and romantic events to celebrate love with great festivities. Its natural that you must have been really busy in buying endearing gifts for your loved ones and shopping for yourselves, left with no time to think for any warm idea for your partner. This is where romantic Christmas ideas for him/her help you out in organizing a great romantic time for your valentine. It does not matter if you haven’t decided yet; we are sure that with romantic ideas for Christmas you will experience an adoring fiesta spell with your beloved.

Romantic Christmas Eve Ideas

Just think what else can be a better gift than setting off for some romantic endeavours together. Go through top 7 ideas for romantic Christmas to choose your favourite thought in making the festive period a romantic and mesmerising one.

Most Exciting & Romantic Christmas Ideas


Ice Skating:Yes, ice skating is one of the most romantic ideas to spend Christmas. Though it may sound a bit ordinary, but imagine skating with your partner and holding hands in hands on this wonderful winter festival. This activity is a fun to perform and romantic to be remembered. And girls in case you want it to be more romantic, just tell your partner that you don’t know skating, he will feel sheer pleasure in helping you out.

Hot Chocolate in Hayride: A hayride in chilly winters is the most exciting and romantic Christmas idea. Book a carriage or hayride with your beloved and club the experience with a hot chocolate and blanket. If you happen to be at a place covered fully with snow, it will surely make for a night to be mesmerised by you both.

Hill top as a Romantic Backdrop: If you are in a mood to spend some exclusive time with your partner, then nothing can beat the charm of a hill top. Set up camp fire at a hill top and experience the lovely festive night with roasting chestnuts, wine, great bonbons and carols on a radio. This is also a great idea to celebrate Christmas for newlyweds. Don’t forget to take that warm blanket with you.

Treasure Hunt for Romantic Gift: One of the best romantic Christmas ideas is to plan a treasure hunt for your partner. Place the hints where you think he/she will visit the most and along with them you could also keep one of his/her favourite chocolates. Make sure that when she finally meets you, you are there with a great romantic surprise for her. It could be a cuddling movie time or dance on a romantic song with decorations and Christmas tree around.

Soak in your Romantic Desires: This Christmas let some romance sizzle up whole of your festive spirit. Surprise your beloved with a warm bubble bath in tub. Decorate the ambiance with scented candles, toast to the sweetest of wine and soak in the roses as you come closer.

City Ride: Christmas markets are a delight to watch. Plan out a walk with your partner to these markets and cherish your togetherness while you stroll looking at the beautiful festive ambiance. You can shop, taste the mouth-watering confectionaries and enjoy the chestnuts together. One thing that makes this idea romantic is the oohhh and aahhh experience you both will have together, holding hand in hand.

Concert or Cake: If your partner likes to attend a glamorous Christmas party; you can surprise him/her with the best city concert, Christmas ball dance or bash in the city. If your partner likes to stay at home and spend time exclusively with you, then you could bake the cake together and enjoy a great candle lit dinner in the romantic company of each other.

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