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Places to Celebrate New Year

As New Year inches corner to bring joy and merriment and it pervades in every corner of the world.  New Year comes with new possibilities, new commitments, and new resolutions and big new Year Eve bash to unite the world at one destination to enjoy and welcome the another year which is ahead. Everyone has different perspectives to enjoy the New Year Eve like some have fun with their families and friends while others enjoys only with their love partners at a peaceful romantic destination. The world has so much to offer on this special occasion of New Year Eve.  The alacrity to visit the places to celebrate New Year Eve in the most prominent cities of the world is somewhere in everyone’s heart.


The list of places to celebrate New Year are clustered by deep research and have all the popular cities which have their names in people’s mind for ages for the unique and big bash on New year Eve.  The tradition of Hogmanay in Scotland to beautiful lightning of Niagara Falls, New Year Eve is celebrated like a big festival even bigger than the Christmas in the world.  Revelers have their best time in December to enjoy the smashing and beguiling parties all around.


Places to Celebrate New Year


The given below list of places to celebrate New Year will make you more confuse and will emerge a feeling to witness all the places with the extravagant enchanting New Year Eve celebrations.


Top 5 Places to Celebrate New Year

  • Celebrate New Year in Edinburgh, Scotland

For the biggest celebration of New Year Eve visit Edinburgh in Scotland, where people followed a tradition of Hogmanay in which people visit each other’s friends place to exchange New year gifts and later on a tradition of torchlight procession from High Street in Old Town to Edinburgh is really fascinating and exciting to be part of it.  There are many stage performances and music competition being held to entertain the public.  Scotland not only plays the host for one evening of New Year but 5 days celebration which includes all the fun and exciting markets with concerts and specifically on the last day, the Edinburgh castle is the most attractive site to visit.


  • Celebrate New Year in New York City, USA

New Year Eve’s ball drop at Times Square and Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre plus the famous artist performances has renewed the New York City as the best places to celebrated New Year. Millions and billions of people wait for the New Year ball and the result is 900 kgs of confetti is dropped here at midnight. Make your New Year more enchanting and cherishing with the people of New York City.


  • Celebrate New Year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Don’t forget to take white dresses and clothes with you if you are planning to celebrate your New Year Eve in the most enthralling and zeal place of the world, Brazil. Copacabana beach has everything you dreamt of for your New Year celebration, amazing fireworks, music, dance, food and passionate drinks and the most interesting and unique tradition of Brazil which is to give flowers, perfumes and rice to each other. There is no limitation to the excitement and fun in Brazil on 31st December and the whole world admits with it by viewing the fireworks at midnight even on Televisions.


  • Celebrate New Year in Goa, India

Goa the city of beautiful beaches and enthusiastic people which makes the city one of the best places to celebrate New Year is managed to reach again the top list of New Year celebration. All the coast line resorts and joins together and makes the huge New Year celebration. One of the most famous events is the Sunburn held at the Candolim beach featuring top DJs from around the world. Anjuna beach party in Goa is home to the hippies and is also marked by Goan trance music. Rave parties and cruise parties are some major attractions here as well.


  • Celebrate New Year in Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge is the main attraction of New Year Celebration with the amazing fireworks. Australia is the first one to welcome the New Year in world and they very well deserve for it, the celebration through fireworks does not stop at night rather it goes till early morning when the other parts of actually welcoming the New Year in their life.  The summertime in Sydney gives it a different feel for those in the northern hemisphere. The more popular viewing places fill up early, so planning ahead and arriving as early as afternoon is essential.

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