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Office Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas time is supposed to be a time for cheer and a time for joy, with carolling and eggnog and cookies and fat people in red suits. So when the entire world (or at least most of it) is drowning themselves in holiday cheer, doesn’t really make much sense in not embracing the holiday spirit your self does it. Be it at home or your workplace Christmas calls for a party and not just your average droll gathering either. A Christmas party calls for some juvenile shenanigans and silly games, probably the best time to blow of all that pent up steam you’ve been holding onto all year. And for that you need to come up with some fun office Christmas party ideas.

It’s a monumental task to come up with fun staff Christmas party ideas for your colleagues to enjoy; especially since they’d be least interested in celebrating the beginning of the season with their co-workers. A successful Christmas party needs all the participants to be jolly or in other words fool around like a little kid. It’s always good to have some silly games or at least a funny theme that makes gives your colleagues a chance to show off their silly side.

Office Christmas Party Ideas

Here are some extremely fun office Christmas party ideas that will definitely be a hit with all your co-workers and fill them with the Christmas spirit.

Company Christmas Party Ideas


  • Try to be as creative as possible and avoid the same old sit down and eat kind of events. Make it so that everyone at the party hangs out with each other and socialises. This usually helps everyone get comfortable and that would just encourage them to participate in the activities and grow a bit at ease. A casual party is a really good way to blow off steam with colleagues and socialise with people from other departments. This also helps the management to hang out with the workers out of the usual context.
  • Usually when you think of an office party the first thing that comes to your mind is a whole bunch of people sitting in the office after hours and trying really hard to have fun. So instead of going about that same old mundane routine, make an event out of it. There are actually limitless possibilities for a good outdoor picnic. You can all go out for a concert, or a stand-up comedy show. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous take a hike or have a paintball tournament. A little change is always a good idea and people won’t really mind have a small day out.
  • Themed parties never ever go out of style. A party with a good theme is always entertaining, and it gives the people a reason to get creative and dress up. A good well thought out theme is bound to be entertaining throughout the night. Here are some suggestions for a good theme70’s era: Get all the people to come dressed in the 70’s fashion or as characters from the 70’s have a 70’s movie trivia. And besides the 70’s had some groovy music which your colleagues can dance to.
    Summer in December: Heat up the entire office and get the people to come in dressed for tropical climate or beach wear. Have fun games like limbo and beach volleyball and watch everyone have the time of their life.
    Trim the Tree: This is actually a pretty simple concept and a very Christmassy one at that. just put up a Christmas tree (real or fake, your choice) with lights in the middle and tell everyone to bring a tree ornament and hang it on the tree. You can get a little cosier by gathering everyone around the tree and get them to share the story behind their ornament. You can end it by getting the boss to put up the top ornament and plugging in the lights
    Carol karaoke: The simplest of all, have a karaoke party but instead with carols! Nothing gets the eggnog in your veins pumping on Christmas like carolling.
  • Whatever themed party you go for make sure you include plenty of silly games to get the guests to grow comfortable. The sillier the games the better. If you’re stumped about the games here are a couple of ideas for you.Carol Charades:  The best way to get the crowds guffawing out loud hysterically. Follow the basic rules of charades but instead with Christmas carols and watch your colleagues jumping around flailing their arms wildly to win.
    Two Truths and a Lie: This classic game can be given a Christmas twist. Get everyone to name three worst Christmas presents they have ever received, two true and on false and let the audience guess which is which. Serves as an excellent ice breaker.
    Snowman Decoration: Divide everyone into teams and tell them to make a snowman by wrapping one of their members in tissue paper or newspapers and then decorate them. Extremely fun and easy to play and definitely gets a few laughs.
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