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New Year Dinner Party Ideas

Bid farewell to the past year and welcome the New Days along with your near and dear ones while planning out a New Year dinner party. Make merry and good times under one roof, whilst sharing delicious finger-licking food and raising the glass of wine when the clock hits the new-time. It sounds traditional yet trendy to feast and celebrate the New Year with any New Year Dinner Party Idea. Even in our modern pop-culture psyche many folks prefer throwing New Year dinner party at their place instead of going out for the gala. So let’s plan and toss a great feast to begin new times, and pass through the new coming while carrying the love and togetherness of your closed ones.

Skip pricey night outs and do it yourself with our simple manageable menu of New Year Dinner Party Ideas, you and your guest will surely enjoy this fabulous time. The right day is here to host a dinner party, send invitations and convey your New Year party’s mood and theme in that.  Dive into these best ‘tried and tested’ New Year dinner party ideas and make best of moments for the coming year.

New Year Dinner Party Ideas

Here is everything you need, from easy party bites to sparkling sips. Adding on more for your New Year dinner party idea, we have fluky foods and hearty hangover dishes to start the New Year off right.

Ideas For New Year Dinner Party


1. Invite Your People

This is the first and most crucial step. Your guest list will include all your near and dear ones. You need to count their numbers and the room-space you have for them to celebrate the feast. Mail the invitation a month before so your relatives and friends will not plan anything else for the New Year. In the invitation give some hints about the party theme and food too. That makes it easy for them to get dress up accordingly.

2. Set The Table, Tone And The Food

This is going to impress your guest’s eyes and taste buds! Get everything done according to the tang and call of your guests because this will put the mark on their memories throughout the year. Make the food by yourself or get a home delivery done. Set the table with a beautiful table cloth and crockery. Change the colour of the lightening at your place while using paper or colour wrapper.

Tip: To make it fun, go with name cards when you wish certain people to sit next to each other and put them on the table.

3. The Music

Must and essential! You have to put in a real- hard work because music plays the crucial role to sets the theme and the mood for the party. Make a play list and put them on a disk or pen drive. Set the tones of the songs according to the theme of your party. The songs need to make the perfect balance to set the temper of your guests; they should not be too slow, not too fast, and just right.

4. Keep The Drinks Up-To-Date

Prepare some cocktails and mocktails for both – the drinkers and the non-drinkers. When your guest arrives serve them these sparkling thirst-quenchers with different flavours and choices. For dinner, pour in the glass for them a smooth non-oaky Chardonnay, Cotes, du Rhone or Syrah. As a hot toddy for the last minute, pour “his and hers” scotches.

5. The Menu

This is the dinner party building block. You have to think of the best recipes or on what you are best at cooking. Prepare and serve some limited dishes but keep in mind that they have to be delicious and beautifully presented because- one eats from the eyes first.

6. The Starters Course

Good starters help stimulating the appetite! Set out bowls of delightful and delicious store-bought Marcona almonds, chips cucumbers and a platter of carrots, veggie, and yellow wax beans. Serve these starters with a beaten feta or a pepper dip.

7. The Dinner Course

This is why your guests are here! Make a healthy and tasty dinner for your guests or you can get a home delivery done, if they are large in numbers.  Make food look presentable as well as tasty by putting add-ons on a lovely serving tray.

8. The Desert Course

Last but not the least! Chocolates are always ooh-and-aah and tempting. If you chose to make it by yourself then a chocolate cake is a must. That is best thing as desert and to welcome a new coming and to get the celebration complete.

9. Dancing And Raising The Cheer

You must welcome the New Year while dancing and raising a glass to cheer when the clock hits twelve and you enter in the New Year ahead!

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