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Fun Activities to do on Mother’s Day

After the kids are done with the mothers day gifts and craft ideas, the next thing on their mind is how to celebrate the mothers day. This piece enlists the various mothers day activities to celebrate the day ranging from mothers day craft ideas, activities for kids to games and trips. Take full advantage of the only ‘official’ mothers day of the year to pamper the mentor of your family with some of these mothers day activities. After all she is the one who values the time you are spending with her, where and how does not matter to her.


Mothers day activities should be unique and special in their own way. This mothers day take a break from the usual celebration ideas and make the day different for the lady in- charge of your house. Though your mother will tell you not to put in so much effort, as usual, but you must ensure that you celebrate the only day dedicated to mothers in a manner that truly delight your mom. So before planning any mothers day activities pause and think about your mothers likes and dislikes and then make your next move.

Fun Activities to do on Mother’s Day

The following section will give you ample of ideas on some ‘not the usual type’ of the mother’s day activities to celebrate your mom’s contribution in your life.


Fun Activities For Mother’s Day


  • An Outing- Use this mothers day to pamper your mother to the nature’s delight. An excellent idea will be a family picnic which also incorporate some games and other fun filled activities. But you must make sure that the place and food for the picnic is your mother’s favourite. If the weather is not suitable for a picnic you can turn your house into a picnic spot. Just switch off the TV and lights and transform your front porch or living room into a picnic place.
  • Trip to Fun Land- A great mother’s day activity will be a whole family day trip. You can take your mother to a designer boutique, jewellery shopping to the more trendy part of the city. A day trip can also be planned to pamper your mother to a soothing massage or nail art. Other ideas for a mothers day outing will be going for a vineyard tour, bird watching or historical excursion.
  • Brunch or Dinner- You might think that this is not some unique or special idea to celebrate mothers day. But how about cooking your mother’s favourite dishes at home? An effort by the whole family to please the leading lady of the family will be hugely appreciated by her.
  • Cool Games- Indoor and outdoor games are a superb mothers day activity if you are planning to celebrate the day at home. Video games such as the racing ones or the guitar games will be an excellent pick. If you are considering some outdoor games then you can consider croquet, horseshoes, bocce ball apart from the traditional games like the cricket, baseball or football.
  • Adventure Trip- Another way to spend mothers day doing some fun activities is going for hiking or bungee jumping or trekking. A visit to an adventure park can also make up for an exciting mothers day celebration idea. If your mother is not really afraid of heights then you can also include sky diving or paragliding in your mothers day activities list.
  • Art and Craft Activity- This will specifically intrigue younger kids. Spending the mothers day making something artistic will be a good activity for creative mothers. Mother’s day craft ideas can include cards or bouquet making, photo frames, pottery, candles or jewellery making. A whole family painting competition will also be a delight. A simpler craft idea for mothers day will be t- shirt painting. So take out those old tee shirts and indulge in foot printing on them or paint some quotations on the tee shirts. It will definitely be counted as the most amazing mothers day activity in the family.
  • Cottage or Camping Getaway- You can consider renting a cottage for the mothers day in the country side and the whole day can be spent pampering your mother. Here the mothers day activities can include cooking for your mom, playing some games like truth and dare or some board games. If you chose to go for camping this mothers day, you can enjoy the evening chit chatting around a bonfire and spend the day doing some recreational activities offered in the area like rock climbing, cliff jumping, fishing and so on.
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