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Passionate Hug Styles

In order to pull your dear one closer to your heart celebrate this hug day with a  tight cosy hug & let them know your deepest desires and emotions. Hug Day – 12th February is that very special day of the Valentines Week, where love is expressed from different types of hugs and beautiful sayings. Every cuddle and hug brings the magic of love that nothing else can bring. What different hug means, differentiates feeling of love one from the other. Hugging someone is always beautiful. It shows our fondness for the person we love. While appreciating love-ology we list here different types of hugs and what they mean.

People in chaotic life schedule are unable to rejoice the magical warmth they attain from a single touch from a loved one. Hugging someone is always beautiful to show our fondness for the person we love. Thusly on Hug Day 2014, we celebrate this warm affectionate expression & tell our dear ones how much we appreciate their presence around us. We will tell you what do different hugs signify and the cutest types of hugs to celebrate Hug Day with your beloved.

Passionate Hug Styles

Hugs connect hearts to hearts without asking for any plans or a single penny. In fact a hug break down all the walls and barriers that sometimes words cannot do and further strengthen the love bonds.

Affectionate Hug Style For Couples

We all hug differently and the way we hug indicates a lot about our feelings. Every touch speaks and gives what we have for our loved ones.

  • Bear Hug

Is the best huggy-muggy way to express someone how much you love, just by holding them tight from the front like a teddy bear. You can embrace them with this type of hug anytime and anywhere. It’s a very simple a passionate way to show them that they have someone in their life that stands beside them all the time.

Magic tip: Embrace your sweetheart in your arms with all the force and love you have in your heart for them.

  • The Embrace Hug 

Is one of the cuddles that we all consider to be the most effective. By embracing your partner warmly. Hold their back tight and as a gesture for love and care move your hands on their back. This can bring some peace of mind and security of someone who is always there to hold them in every down of the life.

Magic tip:  Whisper some words of care while taking them in your arms, say that you are always there no matter what turns the life pass.

  • Friendly Hug

Is the one where you can put your arms lightly around your partner’s shoulders and give them a gentle squeeze.

Magic tip: Friends are forever, when love leaves friends always stay, so while giving your loved one a friendly hug tell them ‘before love, this friendship will stay last forever.’

  • Hello & Goodbye Hug 

Is a quick, semi-close hug paired with a kiss on the cheek. This has to be passionate because you are meeting the one you love or bidding them a farewell.

Magic tip: Make it special with some token of love may be flowers or a small hello or goodbye gift.

  • Hug of Joy 

Is again a semi-close hug with enjoyment and movement that often includes a bit of excitement that you jump while holding each other.

Magic tip: Put your hands around on the shoulders of your sweetheart. Be fun loving, little naughty and cuddle with them like a kid.

  • Passionate Squeeze

Is the one where you can pull in your partner closely and give them a passionate squeeze as you gently kiss along their neck.

Magic tip: Put some of their favourite fragrance on yourself to add more mystic.

  • The Polite Hug

Is the kind of hug where they act like they’re trying to hug you without touching you. It is usually accompanied by the ‘polite smile’. This means that either, this is your first date, and they’re undecided about you, or it’s your last date, but you haven’t found that out yet. Sometimes it’s both, all wrapped in one.

Magic tip: If not a hug then let your eyes speaks the touch of your love

  • The Waistline Hug 

Is usually done while walking together or standing together. You both put your arm around the other one’s waist. This type of hug generally means ‘we’re together’ or ‘we’re a couple’.

Magic tip: If you are holding them from their waist don’t forget to give a kiss on the side of their cheek.

  • The Hug And Twirl

The meaning says you people haven’t seen each other from a long time. And now you hold each other in such a manner that it completes the longing you have been craving for.

Magic tip: If you are a guy pick her up from the ground in your arms while hugging her.

  • The Sleepy Shoulder Hug

You two wrap your arms around each other and lay down. She lays her head on your shoulder or chest. You hold her from her waist and rest in the same for a long time.

Magic tip: Speak your heart out because the time is here and perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

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