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Hilarious Prank Ideas You Can Use To Your Bae On April Fool’s Day

It is the fun which makes a relationship more interesting. As per the saying; “the couple that plays together stays together”, the long-lasting relationships are those which explore the funny side frequently. A romantic relationship is not all about the moon and the stars and the pink flowers, it’s about how comfortable you are to play a harmless prank on your partner. Remember, laughter makes everything better. So, if you are going through any boring phase of your relationship, then tickle the funny bones with some hilarious prank ideas for this Fool’s Day.

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Hole On Beach:

This is the most tried and tested method since ages which never fails to surprise. Go for a beach holiday and ask your special one to spend some quality time sitting on the sand. When he or she goes to the washroom, make a quick hole and cover it with the towel as neatly as before. Now wait for the moment when your bae comes back and sits on the towel and suddenly he/she will fall into the hole. Remember, the deeper the hole, the harder you can laugh.

Sleepover Makeover:

Take some advantage of a good night sleep of your partner and unleash your creativity. Try to do some scary make up while he/she is in deep sleep. Or just put some dark red colour on the hair and wait until the shower time. You will enjoy the scream for sure.


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Over-rated Punctuality:

Is your partner is to panicky about time. Then it is the right time to teach him/her a lesson. Just change the time of the mobile phone and every watch of the house and let him/her go to work an hour before the scheduled time. Now, it’s your time to have some devilish laugh!


Alarming Love:

It’s a great revenge prank to be played all through the night. Set alarms in 6-7 alarm clocks and hide those in different places of the bed room. Now the timepieces will play their own game. He/she have to get up, find out and off the alarm in every 30-45 minutes.


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Screenshot Confusion:

Is your partner addicted to the mobile phone? Then it is the best prank to be played on him. Find a time when he is not around and take a screenshot of his home screen. Now set that image as wallpaper and remove all the apps from home screen. He is going to be freak out surely when he will find all the apps are inactive. Now enjoy the moments until you burst out in laughter.


Fake The Dent:

Borrow your boyfriend’s car and after sometime park it in front of his house. Then leave the place without informing him. Don’t forget to leave a note mentioning; “Sorry for the dent”. But ensure that there is no dent in the car in the first place. Now your BF will panic to the hell and search for the dent crazily.


Coke to Choke:

Who doesn’t like a chilled bottle of cola after a hard day of work. Don’t miss the chance to pamper your loved ones with a glass of coke. But the trick of prank lies when you just fill a glass of white fizz drinks like 7 Up and add as much soya sauce to get the perfect texture of coke and serve her with eyes. You can imagine the face of your bae after having the first sip.


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New Flavoured Oreo:

Is your partner a die-hard Oreo fan? Then it’s the time for you to present some new flavour of the popular cream biscuit. Remove the cream of the cookies and replace it with minty flavoured toothpaste. Your special one will definitely have some really special time of Oreo eating.

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