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Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a world-wide celebration and signifies the paternal contribution made by fathers and father figures for their children. It is observed by 40+ countries on different dates and honors fatherhood at its best.
In many countries including US, UK, Japan, Indian, Sri Lanka, France etc., Fathers Day will be celebrated on 19th June aka 100th Anniversary.


Happy Father’s Day

It all began in 1909 when a young woman, Sonora Smart Dodd, wanted to honor her father, William Jackson Smart. Living in Spokane, Washington, one day she was in church listening to a sermon regarding Mother’s Day when she decided there must be a day dedicated for her father.


Her mother died after she was born due to child-birth and William, who was a Civil War veteran, singlehandedly raised her along with 5 other kids. Hence after so much hurdles and preparations, she finally celebrated the day next year on June 19, 1910. Young women gave red roses to their fathers and attendees donned roses to honor their fathers, red for the living and white for the deceased.




  • Paintball War: Dad exploring his inner warrior and killing you with “paint” is the cutest sight ever! A painted battle of generations is something to look out for!
  • Wine/Beer Tasting: Toast your dad at a local beer or wine tasting event, and take a sip of some of the best brewed beers and wines. Gift him the one he loves the most!
  • Game Night: There are several deals and discount offers on Father’s Day regarding gaming tickets. Take your man out for a game night and watch your favorite sportsman crushing the opponent.
  • Camping Under Stars: A traditional sight! Get his bags packed and roll out for a camping trip. Chill under the bright blanket of stars, roast some marshmallows and share some of the quirky bites from your lives. Happy Fathers Day y’all!
  • Pampered Spa Sessions: Spa and massages aren’t just for the ladies, as men can actually bear full advantage! Book a luxurious massage session with shaving, hair-cut and mani-pedi!
  • Car Shows: How about bonding over some of his vintage car crashing stories while checking out some cool and latest models at a car show!
  • Musical Celebration: Is there a band playing at a nearby club? Or music concert in your city? Take out your daddy for a musical night full of drinks, snacks and songs!
  • Arty Vibes: Is your dad an art-fanatic? Surprise him with a trip to art museums, painting exhibitions and galleries. Cool, right? It will surely make his day! You can also gift him a painting made by his favourite artist! Cherry on top!
  • Cooking Sessions: Making dinner is boring! Sign your dad along with you for a cooking class and learn together! The best stress-reliever amidst spices, olive oil and healthy eating!
  • Hiking in the Mountains: Pack your bags and head for some hiking in the mountains! Or travel to an unknown location with you dad! Exciting!

Celebrate the fatherhood with grace! Happy Fathers’ Day

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