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Halloween Party Ideas

You think you are old enough to play “trick or treat?” As you teens don’t want to spend your Hallow-eve roving on the streets. Come on this eve is the right time to allow yourself to be wicked as much as you ever wanted to be. Everyone loves a good Halloween party as people get thrilled with the idea of disguising and feasting. Then why not use your energy and mischievous ideas for inventiveness by planning out a cheap Halloween party at your place. It might seem irresistible when you start planning it out from the very first scratch. As you want it to be the best talk of the neighbourhood, make use of our terrific Halloween party ideas for teens.

There’s obviously something exciting about Halloween which inspires everyone to reach the heights of creepy creativity on the party front. This year light up your eve by hosting an eccentric get together at your place, while keeping it in your budget, use your brains for stepping up into new identity and get ready for the blast with your friends. You teens will surely enjoy masquerading yourself in scary costumes ,decorate your space with dramatic deadly accents, carve those pumpkins ,serve funky finger foods, and play peculiar party games at your most freaky gathering.

Halloween Party Ideas

The possibilities are endless, for planning a cheap Halloween party. Here are some tried-and-tested teenager’s Halloween party ideas for maximum splash and yells.

Ideas for Halloween party

  • Decide the theme: Picking up a theme is an important task. It depends on how scary you want your event to be .Choosing a theme gives you the idea about the dress code and things required for decorations. Disguising yourself is always fun and freaks you out. Your friends will be much curious to know about the theme for the costume. So you need to decide the theme first, then only your mates will be able to decide what they are going to wear for your party and this will surely going to set the tone of the party. You can have a simple theme like ‘Ghoulish Gathering’ or as specific as ‘Dead Rock Stars’. You have number of choices like a vampire theme which is the most common nowadays, ghost or a devil theme.
  • Guest list: Make out where your party is going to be held and how many people will be there. List them down on the sheet of paper. Count them and as you know your friends well and how they act when they all get together. Keep in mind these facts, cut down or add the number of the invitations according to the space you have.
  • Invitation: Choose a time probably the night time to send your friends the invitation about your Halloween party with some deadly Halloween effects. If you are sending it through email make sure it has those scary faces and dark backgrounds, and creepy sounds, if you are doing it through messages then give it a start with some scary lines and if you are posting it to your friends place, don’t forget to add that horror your friend will get primary before opening your invitation card. Most importantly your invitation must have the tint of themes and all the important firm details and rules about your party.
  • Decorations: You don’t need to spend tons of money on decorations. Give your living room a get up of some scary night or horror movie’s set. Make use of some old tattered clothes, brooms, dark bed sheets, carve pumpkins in jack’o-lanterns, by doing all this you are adding some eccentric look to your place. If you have a water tub, fill it with red colour water that will give a bloody look. Place the glowing sticks here and there in your room, fill your jugs and mugs with different coloured water and put them on tables. Make the room darker and try to use of candles instead of electricity.
  • Food: Don’t do it all by yourself, get the things done with the help of others. If you can arrange it from somewhere outside that’s well and good. As if you are going to prepare, serve and do all the things by yourself then this will going to break the mood for the fun. Divide the work, you can even ask some of your friends to help you with the work a day before or in morning. You need to make and decorate the food using your creativity in a manner that should give somehow funky devilish look to your food presentation.
  • Games: That is going to be the important and most fun loving part of your party. For making it memorable you need to play some pranks and cranky games. To add spice to your fun, allow your guests vote on a piece of paper for best dressed, most scary one, funniest costume, most daring and cutest couple. Of course bobbing for apples is a typical Halloween game that is obvious to pull off. Just add water and apples to a bucket and have your friends dive in it that is always enjoyable. You can also end the night by toasting marshmallows around a fire, or on the porch, watching horror movies, playing pranks, visiting haunted places nearby, telling ghost stories, and playing the Ouija board or reading tarot cards.
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