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Fathers Day Song

Fathers day songs are all about honouring and appreciating the love of that fatherly figure who made all the difference in your life. Though the day traces its roots to the early 20th century, the modern Fathers day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year in the United States and most of the countries including UK, Japan and Canada. It is celebrated to honour the paternal bonds, fathers and other fatherly figures in your life. The day was officially declared a permanent national holiday in the US in 1972. Though the day was initially coined to compliment the mother’s day, gradually it became a day dedicated to the appreciation of the love and hard work of fathers.

So take the opportunity on this special day to express your affection and pay respect and gratitude to your dad with some emotional and heart felt fathers day songs. You can dedicate a song on radio or sing it during the fathers day celebration or at a family get together. Also kids can have a concert to sing the fathers day songs to please their mentor. Make him feel special and bring back the memories of those old days when he used to sing school rhymes and lullabies for you.

Fathers Day Song

Take a hint from the following segment to verbalize your feelings and emotions in the most wonderful lyrics. Appreciate his support and care with these fathers day songs.

Most Popular Songs on Father’s Day


  • Happy Fathers Day to You 
    Happy Fathers Day to you
    Day to you, day to you
    Happy Fathers Day to you
    I Love You!!
    Hugs and Kisses just for you
    Just for you, just for you
    Hugs and Kisses just for you
    I Love You!!
  • My Daddy Helps Me 
    My Daddy helps me when I’m sick.
    My Daddy helps me when I’m blue.
    My Daddy helps me when I’m sad.
    Thanks, Dad, for all that you do!
    You help, you help,
    You help me feel so much better.
    You help, you help,
    You help me feel so much better.
  • Daddy, Daddy
    Daddy, daddy let me say
    I love you in every way
    I love you for all you do
    I love you for being you
    Daddy, Daddy let me say
    Have a happy Father’s Day!
  • He loves me and I love him too
    He loves me and I love him too
    There’s a man who really loves me his name is daddy-o
    Do he love me
    YES he do
    Yes he do
    Yes he do
    And he loves me a lot
    And I love him too
    Do I love him
    Yes I do
    Yes I do
    Yes I do
    He loves me and I love him too and that is a fact.
  • My Dad
    My Dad is the sweetest he can be.
    He treats me oh so lovingly.
    He takes me out and we have fun.\
    I know he loves me more than a ton!
    He spends his precious time with me,
    And lets me be all I can be.
    I like to share my time with my Dad,
    And tell him about the day I had.
    He’s there when I need him most,
    He’s the best Dad from coast to coast.
    One day when I’m all grown up as can be, He’ll still be the #1 Dad to me!\
  • Fathers Day
    This is Dad;
    He works hard.
    Making money every day,
    He’s a neat, peat, rickety reat,
    Helpful, caring man.
    He plays with me when he can.
  • More Like You
    Things were kinda shakey
    At seventeen years old
    You were trying to make a man
    Out of a child
    You spoke your words of wisdom
    All throughout the years
    But it’s only now (that)
    I truly understand
    You did the best with what you had
    Dad, are you proud of who I am?
    Dad, you are the man I am!
    You did much more than father me
    Yeah, you’ve always been my friend
    And I thank you for being my dad
    I must have drove you crazy
    With all the things I did
    I was just a boy
    Trying to find my way
    But you always stood right by me
    Following my dreams
    Now all I am is because of you
    Through everything, I did just what you’d do.
    When I finally found my way
    What they said, I saw was true:
    Even though I’ve wandered far away
    It hasn’t changed their view
    I am more like you!
    They say I am more like you!
    Hope my children see it, too
    So they’ll grow up to be
    ​More like you!
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