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Fathers Day Activities

With the Fathers day awaiting on the horizon, it is time to plan out the special day for the fatherly figure in your life. Here we have enlisted some of the fathers day activities to celebrate the D- day and indulge your beloved dad. The assorted collection of fathers day activities range from the simplest ones like a low profile celebration at home to the outdoor fun fathers day activities and also the extravagant ones. The huge compilation of the fathers day activities also incorporate ideas for kids and some pre- school fathers day activities.


Fathers day activities are a great way to connect with your dad and have a lovely family get together. Celebrations always give an outlet to your excitements, energy and affection for your family. These father’s day ideas will definitely bring a new zeal into your whole family. So take a break from your routine life and not just pamper your daddy this father’s day but rejuvenate the bonds of love in your family.

Fathers Day Activities


Look through the section below to plan out your fathers day activities and celebrations. These fathers day ideas will surely make up this occasion one of the most remarkable day of your family, esp. for your dad and will keep the electricity snapping and crackling.


Father’s Day Activities


  • Fishing- Men rarely have aversion to fishing. This is a great fathers day activity for the whole family as well as for just you and dad. You can later on use your catch to spend an evening together by grilling the yummy fishes.
  • Movies Evening- Spending the special day watching some of the family’s favourite movies is a nice fathers day idea if you plan to confine your celebrations within the four walls of your house.
  • Shooting Range- You can also take the day out to visit the nearest shooting range and having a little family competition and bets on who wins.
  • Golf/ Squash Afternoon- Another amazing fathers day activity will be to spend the afternoon at your local golf or squash club.
  • Pyjama Party- Organise a casual party at home with some board and card games. You can also have a dance and role play session.
  • Barbecue Celebration- Nothing can beat a BBQ session as a fathers day activity. So prepare a nice family meal complimented with some great music and drinks.
  • Workshop- An additional fathers day idea will be to attend a pottery, painting or tap dancing workshop as a family. It always ensures a great laugh and gives fodder to your jokes for at least a week.
  • Camping- Spend this father’s day doing some fun activities and bon fire at a camp site. Kids can plan a special performance for their dad.
  • Boating- head to the lake to spend the day enjoying a great view while rowing through the blue waters. Do not forget to pack your drinks and snacks.
  • Art and Craft Activities- This fathers day activity will particularly be fun for younger kids. They can spend the day with daddy making paintings, cards or some decorative pieces to adorn the house.
  • Beach Volleyball- hanging out at the beach is never a bad idea, no matter what the occasion is. And a little beach volley ball game will be like icing on the cake.
  • Father’s Day events- Every city has many special programs and competitions scheduled for fathers day. And they offer great discounts for fathers. Enjoying a show or competing with some other families will be a superb fathers day idea.
  • Museum/ Historical Site Visit- Taking the day out to visit an architectural wonder or a museum is never a bad pick. Moreover, these places also have some nice food outlets and activity zones, which will be an add on in your fathers day celebrations.
  • Indoor Games- Expending the day playing some board or card games will definitely find an acceptance with your dad. You can also incorporate your father’s favourite video games in the fathers day activities. To make the day different, make sure that your whole family is involved. You can also club the plan with a lavish dinner or long drive.
  • Road Trip- Since the fathers day is falling on the weekend, you can plan a road trip for the whole family. Look out for some exciting places around your town which you can visit and you can also include a spa session for your dad on the go. But that should come as a surprise. If feasible it can be made a bike ride.
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