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Family Reunion Ideas

Family Reunion!! Planning out such a get together is so much fun as it highlights the gratification of reuniting with your dear ones. No matter whether you belong to a huge family or a small one, the important thing is to make everyone comfortable and happy at your place. To begin it with a welcoming tone you can send out “a little funny, a little formal” Family Reunion Letter to all your aunts and uncles. Also mentioning the organiser’s name, venue, date, timing and contact person are few minute details that needs to be clearly mentioned. This will not only convey the pinch of love you have for them but will also make them to look out for the particular day with lots of eagerness.

Once the invitation has been send out, it will be time to schedule the get-together with interesting Family Reunion Ideas. While Planning a Family Reunion, things should be set out in such a manner that neither the kids nor the adults feel disappointed. Activities should be laid out to keep both the age groups occupied. Family Reunions are tricky task but when organised with proper planning it can turn out to be the best Family Reunion ever.

Family Reunion Ideas

For your ease of hosting a Family Reunion, we have presented some of the best known Family Reunion Ideas.

Family Reunion Ideas

  • Picnic: Arrange a picnic in your lawn or in an open space adjacent to your location so that everyone can have a whale of a time under the fresh blue sky. Organize food items keeping a track of everyone’s taste and preferences. Additionally you can also add up your own recipe to add flavour to the fun. Allow the kids to play their favourite games while the adults can have a hearty chit chat.
  • Games: Once the venue has been decided you can plan up certain group games and get hold of all the equipments and sports items required for each game. Groups can be set as adults versus youth or numerous small grouping with the mixture of both the age.
  • Fun Activities: If not specific games, you can also host fun activities such as dancing, revelation of secrets, singing etc. This can be carried out by allowing everyone to sit in a circle and carry out their task one after another. It has been a while that you all have last catch up, so such activities will definitely pump the excitement of the get-together.
  • Prize Distribution: Just to keep the spirits high, especially of the kids, you can also announce that you have prizes in store for those who will put up the best performance. Arrange certain gift hampers to serve the purpose of interesting prize.
  • Photo sessions: Photo session can added up more beauty to the celebration. Click photos in all sorts of poses and save them to cherish during the days to come. Don’t limit your clicks but instead let the crazy you come out and put up before the camera. Believe me it will be so much fun and in the future you will have lots of sweet memories going through your “Family Reunion Album”.
  • Tea Time: The last thing to carry out before biding good bye to your relatives is sit for a tea break. Put out snacks, tea, coffee and juices to bring an end to the beautiful day. Let everyone exchange their views and gratitude while you put up a heartfelt note stating the fact that you too had a wonderful day spending time with them.
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