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Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

Nobody and I mean nobody gets into the Christmas spirit like an eager little kid writing a letter to old St. Nick.  There is absolutely no one more eager than a little child running down the stairs to the check under the Christmas tree for his presents. So when it comes to throwing a Christmas party for kids, it would be an absolute disaster if your party doesn’t match up to their Christmas vigour. You need to come with some spectacular Christmas party ideas for kids to keep up with all their energy and excitement and that is a feat not easily achieved. So if you’re a little scared about throwing a holiday bash for your little one and his/her friends fear not old one and keep reading for some unbelievably fun Christmas party ideas.

What are the things kids look forward to in a party? Good food and awesome entertainment. Most people get the good food part right, it’s the entertainment part that gets them all twisted into knots. It’s actually not that hard to entertain kids; all you need is to come up with a couple of good games that don’t need a lot of preparation. Don’t worry you don’t have to look too long for them just keep reading for a list of entertaining games for little kiddies with a little Christmas twist.

Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

Here are some amazing ideas if you’re throwing a Christmas party for kids, read on to find some fun foods and delicious entertainment for the little ones.

Christmas Party Ideas for Children



When you’re cooking for kids, you need to pay attention to every detail. The food has to taste good along with looking pretty and fun. For Christmas, nothing embraces the spirit like Christmas cookies and candy canes. Here are some more things can try:

  • I don’t think any sentient being would mind eating homemade cookies. There are endless recipes for endless varieties of cookies you can come up with or find on the net. Even your simple chocolate chip cookies with a slight hint of cinnamon become all Christmassy. You can also shape your Christmas cookies into shapes like reindeers and Christmas trees.
  • For appetizers you can easily stick some chees and some fruits (grapes, berries) on a toothpick (preferably not a sharp one) for a healthy and colourful snack. You can use the bigger fruits as well but cut into small cubes if there are lactose intolerant kids in the crowd simple fruit cubes can replace the cheese.
  • Smoothies are colourful, delicious and healthy. You can easily put a Christmas spin by following the traditional red, white and green combination (time for you to get creative). But this is only an option if none of the kids are lactose intolerant.
  • Food can also be used for entertainment; you can get some aprons for the kids and have a cookie decoration competition or a cupcake decoration. All you’re going to need are a lot of cookies or cupcakes, some edible decoration and some whipped cream and let the fun and food begin.


It’s not that hard a task to entertain kids, the hard part is getting their attention. There are numerous classic games that you can give a Christmas twist to and they would still work.

  • Its best to begin with a game of Santa says. It is actually the same as Simon says only this time it’s Santa. This is excellent to get the kids to listen to you while still under the impression they’re playing a game (nudge-nudge wink-wink). Requires no prep of any kind and gets the kids all set for the rest of the evening.
  • Parties are never complete with party favours, and what better way to give them than make a game out of it? Get a lot of rolls of yarn (as many rolls as there are kids, one for each kid) and tie one end to the present and hide it somewhere in the house, each present at a different spot.  Now unwind the yarn taking it from under the couch and tables and twisting it all around the house. Now give each kid the other end of the yarn and let them go on a holiday present maze. You might want to remove all your fragile things out of the way because of all the chaos that will ensue.
  • Guess the present is another great game you can try out, put a present in the stocking and hand it to the kids, and let them try and guess what’s inside; they can smell, shake, feel or do anything except peek inside. The one who guesses correctly wins and gets what’s inside.
  • Limbo is another party favourite and one full of laughs. You can give it a holiday twist and strap a pillow (Santa’s belly) on the participant before he goes to limbo. Extremely entertaining and doesn’t require all that preparation.
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