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Christmas Day 2021

Christmas day 2021 is round the corner and people have start preparing for the biggest celebration of the year. According to Christian calendar 2021, Christmas day is the second-greatest feast day after Easter. On Christmas, birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on a big scale with lot of joy happiness in people. Christmas Eve is celebrated by most of the people just prior to Christmas night and Christmas is followed with Boxing Day on 26th December. Christmas Day 2021 has history behind it. Christmas is celebrated all over the day as a seasonal holiday to the non-Christians and the biggest nativity day for Christians. Since 4th century, December 25th is celebrated as Jesus Christ birthday and tradition of celebration with feasting, gift-giving and caroling is adopted by people. Though none is confirmed about the real birth date of Jesus Christ, Pope Julius made 25th December “the birth of the invincible Sun.” as the feast day of Christians and from that day Christmas has been celebrated by all the Christians in the world.


Christmas Day Activities

Christmas is celebrated with family and friends together. Before few weeks of Christmas, all people decorate their homes with lights, tress, bulbs, shining materials and candles everywhere.  Christmas is so special to children, as they expect gifts from Santa Claus.  Children write their wishes on paper and they expect their wishes to be filled by Santa Claus on Christmas day. From the stories books of Santa Claus, children have made expectations that they will get hidden gifts in socks or under the Christmas tree by Santa Claus.  Santa Claus is an old man wearing thick red, fur-trimmed suit and travels in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Children get gifts from their parents by the name of Santa Claus and adults exchange gifts to each other as a Christmas tradition. There are many other Christmas tradition which are followed by almost and everyone and enjoyed by whole country. Given below Christmas activities around the world performed on the very special day of the year.

Christmas Concerts- Christmas concerts are quite a common thing in every country and it is enjoyed by almost everyone. Christmas concerts include stage performances by children, Christmas carols by famous singers and plays by stage actors. This is one of the Christmas day celebrations which are common in many of the countries. It is enjoyed by every region’s people and considered as the one of the best way to rampant the celebration.

Christmas songs & Carols- Christmas songs and carols which are sung by famous singers are also a Christmas tradition or part of Christmas celebration. Almost every year, a new Christmas song is in market to be the part of Christmas celebration. Music is always been an essential part of any enjoyment and the special occasions like Christmas is never been left. Christmas songs and carols also sends the message of love from God.

Christmas Parties- For all the revelers Christmas is the occasion to have big parties and gatherings with friends and families. This is time to sit together and spend quality time in celebration which throws an ambience of love and livelihood all around. Christmas parties are privates as well as public where anyone can join.  Most of the friends decide to celebrate the festival together and have Christmas party at one location.

Christmas Day Meal

Christmas meal is much popular in Europe and most of the world followed the same custom. It consists of roast meats and vegetables and heavy fruit cakes and steamed puddings. A small coin was often baked inside a steamed pudding, which was doused with burning alcohol before being served. The founder of the coin in his/her portion considered to have lucky year ahead.

Christmas Day Songs

There are so many Christmas songs and it is considered to get a good start of the day by singing a Christmas song, carol and hymns in churches. It is not mandatory to visit Church on Christmas and you can also have small session at your home only. List of most popular Christmas songs are given below:-

  1. The Christmas Song
  2. ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over)’
  3. White Christmas
  4. Do They Know It’s Christmas
  5. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow
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