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5 Promises a Girl Always Want from Her Partner

Amidst all the “Love-Days,” Promise Day plays an integral role in making a relationship fulfilling. Love comes with an array of responsibilities, promises and commitments but calling them a baggage it’s not right. Making extravagant and empty promises will never make the relationship complete. Fulfilment of those promises make relationship healthier and stronger. Here’s a list of 5 promises that a girl wants from her partner.
Promise Day
Give “Importance” To Her
Guys, your partner do understand your Busy-Life, and how you can’t be available 24*7 on call! Unwind yourself over a drive, sit back and indulge into a lovable conversation with each other.
Keep the Excitement Level On
Keep the excitement level on zenith and take steps to remind them how much you love them. Give time to each other, go out for parties, treks or on adventurous activities.
Be VOCAL About Her
Never get bored of introducing her to the world as “your soulmate”. Be proud of your partner and let her meet your friends and family. Sometimes, PDA is not that cheesy!
Respect Her
If your girl wasn’t different from others you probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with her. Respect her for what she is. Don’t try to change her and try to mold a bit to ‘fit’ into the commitment frame.
Woo Her Today & Always
Even when your sweetheart is madly and deeply in love with you, don’t stop impressing her. Add some fuel to your love-life by doing something every day. Surprise her by sending chocolates at workplace or when she’s away.


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