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Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

When a man is thinking of the ways to make a girl jealous, there is always a reason behind it. So before we proceed to the mechanisms of women jealousy, you should first make it clear why you want to make your girlfriend jealous. Is it to get her attention or to redeem your self- respect in the relation or you want to make your ex girlfriend jealous because she walked all over you? Now after sorting out the reasons in your head, you must take your steps cautiously as you do not want to inflict damage more than you intended. This write up on the ways to make your girlfriend jealous will help you figure out the consequences of your actions and how to be effective in your mission to make a woman jealous.

It is not really a difficult job to make someone jealous, whether it is your girlfriend or boyfriend. All you need to do is find the right string to pull. To make your girlfriend jealous, you first need to understand what exactly can bother her, is it her physical insecurities, lack of attention or the thought of her boyfriend socialising with her friends. Now after you have figured out the ways to make her jealous, you can check out our next section to find out how you can use these ways to make her jealous and to what extent.

Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

Look through the next section to find out the various ways to make your girlfriend jealous. And know how to alter their effect and the extent of damage they can do.

Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

  • Telling and showing her that she is not your first priority– One thing that really irks women is that they are not important in someone’s life, esp. their boyfriend’s or husband’s. To make your girlfriend jealous, tell her that your family and career comes first and you are ready to give up anything for it. There are chances that she will ask you if you can leave her also. Now this is the card you need to play well. If you have no intention to leave her, you can tell her in a half- hearted tone that if it comes to that we will find some way out or simply ignore it to keep her confused. But if you have no intention of carrying on with this lady you can look shocked and say to her that you will have no choice if it comes to that level.
  • Talk about other girls including your ex– This one particularly works well with women who are insecure about their body. Talk about your or her female friends in an admiring tone in front of her or rather discuss their physical features with your lady love, like ‘did you look at her hair, oh my god! Such amazing curls. Don’t you think?’ you can at times bring up the topic of your ex girlfriend and can start boasting about her caring nature and how good she was. However, this should not become a regular conversation to make your girlfriend jealous. She might catch you or the relation can hit the rocks.
  • Use your phone often when she’s around– When you are with her pay attention to your phone more than her. You can pretend texting or leave the room to talk. Make sure you are smiling a little when you are looking at your phone screen. This will surely make her insecure.
  • Check out and talk to other girls when she is around– Whenever you go out with her, ensure that you check out other hot girls but your gaze should not be more than 10 seconds. Do this mainly when she is telling you something. And underplay it when she inquires.
  • Be spotted with her frenemies– While this will make your girlfriend jealous to a great extent but it can risk your relationship as well. Therefore, you need to be careful if you still want to keep things under control. You can use this tool in many subtle ways, like bumping into her frenemy at the store and helping her with the stuff or ‘accidently’ bumping into her on your way to the restaurant, but then to be modest you asked her if she is hungry.
  • Using the social networking sites to make her jealous– To make your girlfriend jealous ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on her and your female friends’ photos and follow them on twitter.
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