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Tell A Girl You Like Her

Tell a girl you like her is quite an easy sentence to say someone if you are on suggestive part, but hard to perform as fear of rejection is always there. You adore her like anything and long for a happy relationship, but How to tell a girl you like her without ruining friendship, is the thought that holds you back. Guys must have told you that besides being the most beautiful; girls are also the most confusing creation of God. So, the moment you see her with some other guy, your mind starts popping up with groundless inferences. And therefore to tell a girl you like her without making it awkward is what you should opt for. Yes, most of the guys do think that it’s impossible to know the depth of girl’s heart and mind. However, girls are not that mysterious, they are predictable and there are particular things that you can do to impress a girl. And how to tell a girl that you like her indirectly is not a problem because if you have true feelings about a girl it will definitely mirror in your gestures.



Tell A Girl You Like Her


The important thing to keep in mind before approaching to a girl is to be confident and think about the present only, rather than getting tensed about future answers. You want to tell a girl you like her and confess your love, simply have faith in your eyes and make your words.

Secrets To Enter The Heart of Girl You Like


  • Prepare Yourself For Your Special One- When you want to approach a girl be presentable in front of her. You need not make a style statement, but make sure you dress according to your personality. Don’t forget to smell good and let her think of you by your enchanting fragrance. And most importantly, avoid looking needy by your eyes and gestures; rather be a gentleman by performing good etiquettes.
  • Be Confident With Your Actions– Before initiating to tell a girl you like her, be patient and confident about yourself. Get a confidence in yourself to speak out all your feelings and emotions to the girl you like. See yourself in mirror and say to yourself that yes you are the right person for the girl and she will definitely realize that thing. Remember girls love confident guys and if you impress her with your poised intelligence, she will be yours.
  • Accept The Fact If The Answer is NO- You like her and you believe that you both are made for each other but there is a possibility that she thinks otherwise. Prepare yourself for the answer, react calm and try to be positive whatever the response is.  Either it is positive or negative or may she may ask you for the time to think about it, behave normally in all the situations and get well prepared for all the response. Don’t show that you will die if she comes with that scorching ‘no’ and if it is ‘yes’, control your emotions.
  • Make Some Love Notes – All things you want to say her, all the emotions you have been feeling, pen down them in a beautiful way to impress her. Make sure about all the things and words you are going to communicate. You can also take help of some famous phrases and quotes to express your feelings. Don’t make it too lengthy or emotional rather prefer it to be a short simple and interesting for her.
  • Tell Your Feeling on Her Face- For hiding your tension and anxiety of proposing don’t take help of phones or other mediums. Remember that to tell a girl you like her over text is not a great idea as face to face confession is the best way to express yourself. Be confident and say everything in front of her with a smile on your face and honesty in your eyes. Girls are intelligent and can easily gauge a guy’s voice and eyes. Impress her with your true feelings and emotions.
  • Don’t Try To Fool Her- Girls are not dumb and they always know what you are thinking about them. So be honest and say all the true feelings to her. Don’t make any illusions and fanaticize in front of her. Say all the true emotions and feelings you felt for her and see the magic.
  • Show Your Romantic Side- Girls are too imaginative and like to be with someone who are truly romantic. Make your girl realize that she will definitely enjoy your company and you will prove to be Mr. Right for her. Besides being a key ingredient of love, romance is true essence of an exciting relationship.
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