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Signs She’s Cheating on You

If your girlfriend’s behavior is alarming you lately and you are suspecting that she is cheating on you. Then here you will find a precise answer to all your doubts. It is generally not easy to infer if someone is deceiving you. Though your gut feeling tells you that you are right, but your mind wants a concrete proof. If you are also sailing in that boat, here is your cue about how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you. This piece focuses on the exclusive and sure shot signs that she is cheating on you.

However, it is always advisable not to jump to any conclusion without any confrontation with your beloved partner. As devastating it is to know that she is cheating on you, it can be equally shattering for the partner to know that you do not trust her. Given that you come to a conclusion without examining the facts. Also the proof or signs that she is cheating on you is not the only aspect of the ugly picture. It can also mean that there is something wrong with your relationship. So try to fix any such problem before things get ugly.

Signs She's Cheating on You

The next segment comprehensively covers the indications or signs that she is cheating on you. Hope they do not hold true for you!

Signs She is Cheating on You


  • Emotional Detachment: One of the signs that she is cheating on you is when she gets emotionally alienated from you. If you do not have that lovey dovey chat any more, you should start smelling trouble. But you should also examine if you are the reason of it.
  • She hides things from you: If lately she is not telling you things on her own and her conversations with you are very general, it can mean that she is cheating on you. She hides her plans or routine because that involves her new interest, so it can’t be shared with you.
  • Regular fights: Another sign that she is cheating on you is when she starts finding faults with you. This is partly because she is attracted towards someone and partly because this is her way of concealing her guilt.
  • She stops socialising with your folks: When your woman starts drifting away from you then she wants to move away from your folks as well. As facing your family when you mean nothing to her makes her feel guilty. It can also be because she does not like your kin and it is not easy to tell you that. So, read it along with other signs only.
  • Reluctant or hesitant to answer your questions: If lately all her answers to your queries start with ‘what you have to do with it’ or ‘why you inquire so much’, there is someone between you both. She avoids responding to your questions either because she is cooking up a lie or she is just deliberately making you insecure.
  • She neglects you: If she is cheating on you, she will stop caring about you. She might not be bothered about your clothes or your sickness or your tensions. This should particularly be seen in the light of things she used to do for you previously.
  • Pays more attention to her appearance: If suddenly she is on a shopping spree for hot dresses and splurging on make up or beauty products. It can be a red sign if she is not a shopaholic or she has not made some big fortune. And think twice if you are not the first person to see those things on her.
  • Cuts down on communication with you: She is cheating on you if there is a drastic reduction in her calls and messages to you. And even when you talk, she hangs up too quickly and is not bothered if you do not communicate with her. It can also mean that she is bored with you. Consider this only when you come across some other signs that she is cheating on you.
  • Less or no physical intimacy between you both: Is the passion and heat is dying in your relationship and you feel she is detached from you when you cuddle with her? It can mean that she has found solace somewhere else.
  • Any deviation from her usual behaviour: When she is cheating on you, you will see a lot of negative changes in her attitude towards you. Though it is not possible to be romantic always but a sudden drastic change is a matter of concern.
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