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Secrets To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

One of the toughest questions for a guy who is into a relationship would be- How to Make Your Girlfriend Smile, happy and satisfied? What makes a girl happy is the universal mystery which can never be resolved. A woman is a puzzle which is hard to get resolve; you just can’t take them easy. But for women, it’s utterly complicated! The secret lies within the small gestures, likings and details that make them happy and elated. A woman doesn’t wish for big things, but a simple rose with “I Love You” is enough for her.


Impressing a girl is not that much of a hard work. Just a little bit of focus and you are good to go. Certain steps must be kept in mind while dating a girl and you would be able to unlock her mind and heart within no time.


Secrets To Make Your Girlfriend Happy


Wondering on how to impress angry GF or make your girlfriend smile? Read out the following tips to impress your girl and learn the ways to make your girlfriend happy.


10 Tips to Impress Your Girl


  • Let Her Know She’s The Only One

Loving a girl from the core of your heart is something which makes you very special and kind-hearted. Girls are known to be a true devotee in terms of relationships. She can make a guy her whole world, from addressing him her best friend to her confidante. Now, it’s your turn to treat her in the same way and make your girl happy.


  • Don’t Keep Secrets

One of the Tips to Make Your Girl Happy is not hiding anything from her. She will catch you for sure one or another day and that will sully you in her eyes. So better be honest and attain respect from her.


  • Don’t Show Your Anger

Anger can make or break a relationship. So, be a gentleman and learn to control your anger. Get a hold on your tongue when you are arguing with her; be sure about your words. She remembered all your lovely words and activities and will also remember this. So be attentive. One toxic word and that will be imprinted in her memory throughout her life.


  • Never Ever Ignore Her

When you are hanging with group of friends, be careful about your activities and priorities. Don’t ignore your girl for your friends and make your girlfriend smile by involving her in your talks and in your friends group. Let her indulge and gel up with your friends, and let your friends do vice versa.


  • Keep An Eye On Important Dates

Make your girlfriend smile by remembering all the important dates of your relationship like birthdays, anniversary, first meeting date, proposal date and all. It gives a cherishing feeling to her. Girls, no matter what they say, are very critical about dates of significant importance. So, just mark a list and don’t forget to wish her firstly.


  • Know About Her Likings

One of the many ways to make your girlfriend happy is to get to know about her feelings, likings, dislikes and hobbies. It will not much of your time and efforts, just remember about her small things like her favorite food, restaurant and colors etc. How to make your girlfriend happy is not that tough but a bit tricky only.


  • Send Her Love Notes

How to Impress Angry GF? Love notes! YES! Authentic writing is still in, and girls love that feeling! Girls do not expect a lot but yes something different like writing short love notes for her is best way to impress your girl. Pen down some small things about her on note and show your love and care to her. This will surely make her feel special and loved.


  • Some Alone Time

You want to make your girl happy? Then just be with her. Switch off your phone, no distractions, put on a good movie and just spend that valuable time with your lover. Girls are little different from boys in this, they don’t like partying with group of friends in special occasions. Rather they love to spend some quality time with you alone.


  • Confide in her

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy? Tell her your secrets and things which you don’t share with others. Confide in her. Let her know that you have been lucky to have her and showed her the inner emotional side which no one else has seen. Be truthful, and let her know that she is the only one knowing his weaknesses and mental status.

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