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How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy and Interested

How to keep your girlfriend happy? The most common answers to this question range from splurging on her to saying sugary things to her all the time. But that is the popular belief not the whole truth. So let us discard the stereotypes and explore this question afresh.

Firstly the reason why men have not discovered any sure shot ways to make their girlfriend happy because they look at it from a man’s perspective and also try to stereotype it. But there is not a fit all universal theory about how to keep your girlfriend happy and interested. Every woman is different in her own way. So in your initial courtship period, you should try to decode her behaviour and mind set.

How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy and Interested

Secondly, instead of asking other people ‘how to make your girlfriend happy’ you should ask your girlfriend what you can do to make her happy. She is the best person who can help you with your quest. However you must ensure that you translate her words into actions, superficial things may alienate your lady love from you over time.

Though it is true that women like pampering and expensive gifts but that is not the only way to make your girlfriend happy. Women also have immense faith in the ideas of platonic love and prince charming. Hence, if you want to be the winner in the game of love you should too reciprocate her love and affection for you.

Take help of our assorted collection of ideas and ways to make your girlfriend happy if you genuinely want to be her Mr Right. Touch your lady love’s soul with your considerate behaviour and sweet gestures.

Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

  • Be true to her: You should never give false hopes to your girlfriend and always tell her the whole truth about everything. Your lies can make her insecure.
  • Surprise her: When it comes to the ways to make your girlfriend happy, you should be spontaneous and surprise her with presents without any occasion or just say something sweet out of the blue. Such gestures keep the romance alive.
  • Take her consent: You should always take your girlfriend’s preferences in account and never force her to do anything. Initially she might give in to your choices out of her love for you but over time it will kill the relationship.
  • Little sweet gestures: The God of small things also governs your love life! Little gestures like returning her calls and messages, remembering her appointments, bear hugs and gentle and respectful touch can do wonders for your alliance.
  • Give her an honest opinion: If your lady takes your opinion you should not lie. However you should express your disagreement politely and with reasons.
  • Give her importance in your life: Make your girlfriend a part of your friend circle and involve her in your personal matters.
  • Respect her: You should always treat your girlfriend with utmost respect and dignity especially in front of others.
  • Take her out: You should give considerable time to your mate and take her for a date ever so often. (For dating ideas check our 100 unique date ideas)
  • Fulfil her wishes: Try your best to strike off things from her bucket list of ‘things to do before dying’. You should also give your best to live up to her expectations.
  • Back up your words with action: Saying I love you 50 times a day will do no good for your alliance if it is not backed by actions. Likewise you have to be consistent in your behaviour towards her i.e. your attitude on the 100th day of your relation should be same as your first rendezvous.
  • No arrogance: You must not be blunt or rude to your sweetheart ever, even while criticising. And never hesitate to apologise for your mistakes.
  • Stand up with her when she needs you: If she is heart broken or demoralised listen to her problem and comfort her. However you should never get involved when she is having an argument with her family in front of you.
  • Never say ‘what can I do about it’: Even if you are clueless about the solutions to her problems, rather than disappointing her tell her ‘I am with you in whatever you decide’. Girls often count on their boyfriends, so do not let her down, ever.
  • Do not be possessive: You must give her enough space and be willing to change for the betterment of the relationship.
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