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How To Impress a Girl

You’ve seen her, you like her and wanna have a relationship too, but how to impress a girl with great art of seduction is the thought that holds you back. The fact that attraction means and works differently for boys and girls is undeniably true. So, its quite possible that the attributes that you admire in her can put her off if she finds the same in you. Even if you meet a chance to talk to her, it’s uncertain that you would ever succeed to make your dream lady fall in love with you. Well, this does not mean that you seriously lack something, it’s just that fortunately or unfortunately women are the most confused creations when it comes to love and relationships. Sometimes they do not really know when they like a guy or what all triggers them to love you endlessly. However, despite all these muddled feelings and opinions, women know what love is and when they go through this beautiful phase, they surely mean it. Always remember that before calling yourself as a chauvinist admirer you must learn what all things can lit the ways to her heart and impress your dream girl to be with you. And this is where tips to impress girls can give you a clear idea about many do’s and don’ts in order to express yourself perfectly.

How To Impress a Girl

So, how to impress a girl of your choice can never be an issue if you go through our guidelines and follow them genuinely. Have a look at our 14 Best Tips To Impress Girls and know the simple ways to make that special someone feel the same for you.

Tips To Impress Girls

  1. Understand her- If you really want to woo the heart of your dream lady, then it is very important to understand her, know her likes and dislikes. You have to analyse whether two of you can bond well or there are many variations in your interests. Go ahead only when you are sure that you can work out to make both of yourselves happy.
  2. Looks does matter- Well, you don’t have to look like any hot actor or supermodel, but yes you do need to look presentable. Get yourself groomed and wear what suits you best. Always keep in mind that girls prefer coming closer only if you don’t show up in an unkempt look. Appearing with tidy and smart looks is one of the best tips to impress girls.
  3. Personality- Besides looking good, the thing that matters the most is the way you present yourself and let the other person know about your significant attributes. Personality plays a very important role in expressing your nature and capabilities that defines your outlook towards life. If you can make your great personality shine well, your dream lady will surely remember you even if she doesn’t like you in the beginning.
  4. Socialize well- It’s very important to show that you are a friendly person and people love to be around you. Unless or until you will make yourself wanted, girls will not find you that attractive and not realise what all they are missing out on. If you are a shy guy, you can try being friendly with few people you are close to.
  5. Spell your charm- If you want her, you have to charm her as well. Express all the good things about you and tell her what all you like about her. Fascinate her by reading out mild flirting lines. This will make you appear as a man who can keep her interests high.
  6. Confidence is the ultimate key- Even after so many efforts if you are not able to pull off well and again thinking that how to impress a girl of your dreams, then understand that you may be lacking confidence. Always keep in mind that no matter how much butterflies you feel when she is around, you have to talk and behave with complete confidence. A confident guy can turn on any girl and let her feel his substance in the right way.
  7. Playful attitude- One of the top 14 tips to impress girls is to reveal your fun side and carry a playful attitude. Don’t show off much; learn to laugh and make her also laugh with you. Girls really don’t like boys carrying that heavy attitude with them. So, show your inner child (as per the situation) and let her feel your youthfulness.
  8. Compliment her- Girls love to hear compliments, especially when the words are spoken by the one who admire them. Compliment her when she has dressed up well, got a new hairstyle, talked something great and so on. Don’t think that girls will follow those who will show them a careless attitude.
  9. Show your interest- It’s good if you like her, but it’s even better if you show this to her. Express her that you like her and want to be with her. Show as if you are interested only in her and don’t look around at other girls when you both are talking.  Make her feel that she is the one you love and you are the one for her.
  10. Interesting conversation- Girls like your funny side, but the best way to woo and impress girls is to engage them in an interesting conversation. Let them know about your intelligence to make her understand that she is with a man who is equally balanced and responsible.
  11. Be polite- Before you behave or talk anything nasty and loud, learn that you are with the girl whom you admire above anyone else. Even if you are not with someone special, make sure you talk to everyone with politeness and treat them nicely. Unless you pay respect to others, you are not going to earn any appreciation as well. Learn to respect your woman and let her feel secure with you.
  12. Listen her- If you really like her and thinking how to impress a girl, then you should try to speak less and listen her more. Girls like to be heard more and if you are planning to hook with her, memorise that you have to bear up all her talks without any complaints. This will definitely win her heart.
  13. Honesty is still the best policy- You don’t have to fake out anything to be with the girl of your dreams. Just think, you have to spend some really good moments with her, may be your life, you just can’t pretend to be someone else. Show your true self and impress her with your real persona.
  14. Get closer to her- Love is incomplete without carnality. Get close to her by asking out for a date and make it an enjoyable time or you too. As you both start enjoying each other’s company, touch her in gentle ways to make love blossom between you blissfully.
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