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How to Get a Girl to Like You

There are certain questions in the universe that seem to infest the minds of many a man; certain mysteries which may forever remain so. And from amongst all those mysteries, one seems to plague the mind of mankind, how to get a girl to like you. No matter how hard you look for it or where you look for it, you somehow end up trudging into the eternal swamp called the friend zone (a.k.a the swamp of no return). So how do you not enter the friend zone? How do you not sabotage any future prospects you might possible have had with her? You can start by reading the rest of this article.

Step one to getting the girl of your dreams is to get her to like you and look at you as a friend. Yes I know what you’re thinking, ‘but aren’t we trying to avoid the friend zone?’ We most definitely are; the trick to get out of a friend zone is to first enter it. Don’t look so bewildered just yet. We will tell you how to stay out of the friend zone and while we’re at it, how to get girls to like you.

How to Get a Girl to Like You

So if the girl of your dreams seems unreachable now just read these simple ways to get a girl to like you.

Steps to Make Her to Like You

  • Step 1:Before you do anything you have to make sure she acknowledges which in turn requires that she be aware of your existence. There are possibly a 100 gazillion ways to get a girl to notice but there are only few of them subtle enough and decent enough to try. First off look presentable, groom yourself, hit the gym and don’t dress like you just got out of bed. You don’t need to look like a movie star but then you can’t look like a sewer rat either. The next thing to do is to approach her, so go and talk to her. Most girls would appreciate if you’d take the first step it shows you’re confident and confidence has an attraction of its own. When you talk to her, look her in the eyes, don’t look around, and half a smile wouldn’t hurt. Its always better to wait for an opportunity to strike up a conversation like if she’s reading a book ask her how it is, or if you’ve read the book a simple, ‘that’s a pretty good read’ is enough. Try to make her laugh but don’t force comedy (doesn’t work) and don’t be alarmed if she doesn’t laugh. A simple way to salvage a situation from a bad joke is to follow with ‘that was a really bad one wasn’t It.’ always make sure she enjoys your company. Try and be a good friend to her if she looks sad ask her what’s wrong, even if you can’t do anything about just listening to her would make her feel better and don’t just pretend to listen, pay attention to every single word she says. This will help you earn her trust.
  • Step 2:If you’ve done things right up till now, she probably trusts you now and you to talk on a regular basis. This is a very risky period cause you are hovering near the friend zone now would be a good time to start evasive manoeuvres. Now most people tend to handle this wrong and straight out blurt their heart out (big no no) and some others start avoiding her or start behaving different (a bigger no no). Now you need to start flirting with her, and I don’t meant like blatant shameless flirting, you have to be subtle about it but at the same time you need to make sure she gets it. Look into her eyes and be confident every time you make a suggestive joke, or a flirty remark and give her half a smile (you can risk a wink but that tends to come off as cocky and not everyone can pull it off). Try to break the touch barrier but be very careful as to not offend her or come off as sleazy be a gentleman and help her with her jacket or offer your hand to help (for more ways check out our article on how to get close to her.  Compliment her every now and then, and try to be original about it. ‘you’re beautiful’ or ‘ you’ve got the prettiest eyes’ are probably things she hears a lot so try to compliment her personality (of which you should have learned quite a bit about now). If she’s wearing a new dress compliment her and try to notice things about her that most people might overlook. You also need to impress her and there is no common way to do that. Every girl is unique and so are the ways to impress her. You can always invite her to do some activity which you’re proud of, and whatever you do don’t brag, that’s a major turn off. Being a gentleman also is a pretty good way to impress anyone. You have to try and make her see you as a potential boyfriend and to give her hints that you like her (which she will get thanks to the special radar girls have built in them).
  • Step 3:Now you need to start testing the waters, see if she’s interested in you. Try baiting her by making suggestive statements, she’ll probably get them and her reaction will say it all. Try to get her to accompany you to events or places and try to make her feel important. It’s vital to get lone time with her as possible but don’t become clingy or you’ll come off as clingy and needy. If you’re confident enough, go ahead and ask her out on a proper date.If you go through with these methods there is a possibility you might get rejected, you don’t need to beat yourself about it. It probably just wasn’t meant to be and maybe the right one is still somewhere out there.
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