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Signs Your Girlfriend is Losing Interest

It is hard to accept the true that your girlfriend might be losing interest in you. It may surprise you that she is changing because of no big reason, you can’t blame her but you can change her mind by noticing her attitude towards you and put changes in your relationship to save it. You guys had really good time and you never thought of this. You don’t remember but there is something which has changed her mind and she didn’t say anything to you directly but you’re facing the changes somehow in your relation. You could try to resolve things between you guys by applying these healthy relationship tips and get your girfriend the way she was before. Try and notice these signs of losing interest in you and make your relationship go smooth by resolving them.


Signs Your Girlfriend is Losing Interest


Signs Girlfriend Losing Interest in You


You Are Not on Her Priority List Anymore– Whenever you ask her to go shopping and get around with you, she is ignoring you. She has much interest in her girlfriends than you. She enjoys time with them and chooses them over you. She is shopping with them and even purchasing to her own choice or of their choice but not yours.

She Avoids “PDA”- You both had good time and you had a habit of hugging and kissing girlfriend in public places or theaters but suddenly she is not comfortable with that. She move forwards then you and you don’t have a valid good reason for it then my dear you need to understand that she does not have any more interest in you and you need to put efforts if you want her back.

Your Phone is Not Showing Her Calls Anymore- You were so busy in receiving her calls in every hour in early times, but now you wait and look for your phone to ring. Now, she is not bothered to ask you if you had lunch or how was your day at office.  When you call her, she is always busy with her friends and asks you to call later. It is a very straight forward sign that she is ignoring you and not taking much interest in talking to you.

She Turns Every Discussion in to an Argument – Now she does not tolerate even your small mistakes and start doing arguments on almost everything you do together. She is not agreeing with you on anything you say and like. A small argument turns into big fights every day and she may not like the way you treat her and lost her tolerance because of it.

Not Calling You Her Boyfriend Publicly- It is certain that if girlfriend has lost interest in you then she will not refer you as her boyfriend in meeting new people and it shows that she has set her mind that she will not continue with you anymore and accept this very comfortably.

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