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Girlfriend Getaway Ideas

It is easy to get into a relationship but difficult to maintain it. It takes a great deal of love, creativity, thinking and pampering skills to keep your relationship alive. After the initial excitement, the magic of love starts fading, you have to come up with plan B to keep the spark of the love glowing. And the key word is- getaway. Take a break from your monotonous routine and spend some quality time with your girlfriend. Make it a habit to take breaks with your better half every now and then.

If possible, plan something every weekend or else you should take an off from work at least once a month and take your girlfriend for a relaxing and fun filled vacation. Together do all the crazy things you can do. Get drunk and dance all night or surf all day. The perfect girlfriend getaway will be the one where you can enjoy yourselves. Go bungee jumping, hiking, camping or shopping. The ideal spot will be where you have lot to do.

Girlfriend Getaway Ideas

People always keep telling the love birds to go on a vacation but when they are asked ‘where?’ Most of them have no answers. But now that you have approached Valentine Carnival, you do not have to worry. We bring you some perfect girlfriend getaway ideas.

Best Girlfriend Getaway Ideas

Portland, Oregon, US: This small city is situated near the confluence of the rivers Willamette and Columbia. It is often referred to as the greenest city of America. It is best known for its ‘farm to plate food situation. It is one of the top girlfriend getaway ideas to savour on food.

Phoenix, Arizona: Situated in the Sonoran desert, the city is a great girlfriend getaway idea for sunbathing, due to its subtropical desert climate. Do not miss the hiking trip in Arizona foothills and then you can enjoy sipping wine under the clear blue sky. The place is also known for performing arts, museums and its authentic Mexican food.

Bangkok: If you do not have much budget for a getaway, Bangkok is the best place to go to. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. The city has a vast spectrum of attractions ranging from Royal palaces, temples to museums and affordable shopping. The city offers a vast range of dining options under every price category. Relax with expert spa services.

Hamilton Island, Australia: The Island is purely a tourist destination. Escape to this perfect girlfriend getaway destination to enjoy the breeze, a golf cart ride through the peaks and beaches and a helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef. Do not miss the beachside lobster barbeque and the Wildlife Sanctuary. And if you want to see whales then July- September is the best way, when they migrate through the warm water of the Whitsunday.

Hawaii: The island state, with its natural beauty, beaches, active volcanoes and warm tropical climate, is a perfect girlfriend getaway destination. It is one of the cheapest US State. Soak up the vitamin D, ride the waves and enjoy the fusion cuisines of the world.

Kenya: A trip to Kenya is a perfect girlfriend getaway to enjoy a weekend in nature’s lap. The place is known for its rich fauna. A wild safari is a must. Watching rhinoceros, cape buffaloes, lions, elephants and leopards in their natural environment is a treat to the eyes. The luxury camps and hot chocolate are the perfect relaxing mantra after a long trek.

Kerala, India: Featuring in the list of ‘50 must see destinations of the world’ of the National Geographic, Kerala known for its back waters, Wildlife Sanctuaries and massages is one of the top girlfriend getaway ideas. Located in the Western Ghats, it also offers mountaineering, trekking and bird watching opportunities. Its rich cultural heritage is cherry on the cake.

Buenos Aires: The Argentinian capital is known for its jitter, style and elegance. It is heaven for wine lovers. Do not forget to pack a few pairs of dance shoes for the night long clubbing or learning tango. It is a perfect girlfriend getaway to indulge in food and fashion.

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