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9 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Girlfriend

Every relationship has ups and downs accompanied by good memories as well as bad experiences. At times you might feel too happy while there will be days that will totally put you off. These are all part and parcel of being in a relation. But in midst of all the emotional flows, if you are still stuck with the question of being happy with your girlfriend by your side, it is probably a Sign to Break up with Your Girlfriend. When you can’t find solace even after a dispute has been solved with your partner, it is time you need to rethink about your relation and dig out few Advices on Break Up.

Despite sorting out every conflict in your bonding, if worries tend to loom large and problems takes the shape from bad to worse, consider it as a Sign to Leave Your Girlfriend. And for the betterment of both, it is always advisable to go for a mutual break up. At such a junction, look out for tips that can direct you with guidance about ending a lifeless relation because it is better to move on in life rather than getting stuck with the wrong person.

9 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Girlfriend

The 9 Signs it’s Time to Leave Your Girlfriend will offer you a clear image of your position in your relation.

Signs It’s Time to Break-up With Your Girlfriend


1. Your Trust for Her Has Become Thinner

In any relationship, the more one spends time with the other, the more closer they come tied with the thread of trust. In your case if the reverse is happening then believe me your bond is not healthy enough to survive long. If you doubt her acts more than before or come up with a second thought to anything she says, know it for sure, the expiry date of your relationship is nearing much sooner than you are realising.

2. She Is a Dictator

A relationship blossoms only when two people nurtures it equally with affection, care and respect. The one where any one of the partner is dominating or tries to bully every matter, that is simple not the right kind of relation. Take it as a Sign to break up with Your Girlfriend, if she is the so called Hitler in your situation.

3. Happy About Flirting With Other Guys

When you are still there in her life to fulfil her wishes, is there any need for her to flirt with someone else? Obviously no, Right? But still she love doing it. So what should be your move? Guess you got it.

4. Lies – At the Tip of Her Fingers

When you have realised the bitter truth that your love interest is a perfectionist when it comes to telling lies, it will be better for you to swim out of her false dramas then getting drown in it. It is you who is hurt by her lies, so it has to be you only to take the step of moving out of such a pretentious bonding.

5. You Don’t Feel Connected

That spark in you which you used to have during your initial dating phase is no longer there. Now you hesitate when it comes to meeting her or accompanying her to any party. Such situations arise only when you start ignoring someone, meaning you are no longer attached to her. That connectivity is long gone.

6. There is No Future with Her

One of the most passionate parts of getting emotionally involved with someone is to visualise the future together. You should be comfortable enough to discuss and figure out your vacations, what your future home would be, probably names for your kids and so on. Instead if you receive a noncommittal grunt or nod, know that she is simply not interested in your future.

7. Good at Criticising You

Criticism is good but when it is positive because then it motivates the person to do his job properly instead of making him feel like a loser. Judge your position and see what she makes you feel. Moreover, if she is the one who makes fun of you in front of your friends and colleagues then apparently she is not the person meant to be your partner.

8. She is an Emotional Vampire

Even though it is imperative for the partners to support each other during the emotional periods there are certain limitations. It will be very immature of her if she starts brooding or reacting at drop of a hat.

9. Has Cheated On You

Cheating on you can be the last thing to tolerate about her as to what made her do so when you were still a part of her life. Simply it requires no explanation to stay with her and grow old together.

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