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Trust In Friendship

In this world, it is hard to trust anyone without a strong reason or support by the individuals.  Everyone love to make friends and hangout with them but getting trust in friendship is not that easy? Whom you just met and you are comfortable with him in all the ways but does he trust worthy or reliable individual. You must have bad experience in friendship or any other relationship and it’s quite hard to give your trust and opportunity to hurt you to someone else after that.

Doing trust means sharing your secrets, spending your precious time and dreaming about the future with them and reliability to the individual. Breaking trust is very easy in this cruel world but making and carrying it is the biggest responsibility.  True friendship is the biggest asset for any individual in this world. True friend is someone whom you can trust completely and someone who wishes for your success and growth rather than jealous and betraying. Trust in friendship is something you deserve for your true love and care to your friend.

How to judge someone for friendship and bring trust in friend? You can enumerate his intentions and feelings by gauging his actions and words to you. You can trust anyone for your fears and secrets in life. A true friend is someone whom you rely with all your fears and frustrations and you are sure to get relief than pain from his actions and words. You should not trust anyone so easily always judge him by given points and then trust him for your life secrets.

  • Share your fear and dreams with your friend and look for his replies. Is he understanding and shows empathy to your emotions. Only if he understands your dreams and fears of life, he is trust worthy to carry a great relation of friendship.
  • Tell a small secret to your friend and give him quality time to digest a fact about you. It is must to check your other friends and known people if he/she has back bitching about and your secrets to anyone. You can only trust those friends who are sure that will not leak out your secrets and remain trust in friendship.
  • See yourself for the ideal, your friends have given their full trust to you, find the reason what qualities  have let them to do this and you must  look for the same in your friend. It is not must to be friends with someone who is like you but there must be ground on which you both think on the same level.

Trusting a friend is tough for those who has bad experience in relationship but don’t worry, you must realize that your world is not that bad as you think, people and friends are more deserving than your thinking. They have put enough efforts to gain your trust and it’s time to heal yourself from the pain and start making strong relationships. Make trust in friendship your base of relationship with others.

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