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Friendship Symbols

Friendship is bond of two individuals which make them one and shows the feelings of affection, loyalty, love and trust in the purest form. Love and friendship is the most common in symbolic expressions. These two relations are considered to be most adored feelings of human kind which is unconditional but most expressive in any form. Friendship is a relation which is cherished and respected by every human being. There are so many saying, quotes and  friendship symbols to be used by friends to make memories and cherish the togetherness.

The great writer and philosopher Shakespeare has said about friendship that:-

“To me, fair friend, you never can be old

For as you was when first your eye I eyed,

Such seems your beauty still”.

Friendship is a life time relation but sometimes you get apart from your friend because of some reasons or conditions then these friendship gifts and symbols help you to cherish your most pleasant relation. Friendship symbols contain the essence of your most pleasant relation of your life.


Popular Friendship Symbols

Gemstones- Gemstones are one of the best friendship symbols for life time friends as it shows the some message of friendship and its feelings, Like Rhodonite- is a rescue stone which says that a friend is always there to rescue you from any condition at any point of life.

Yellow Rose- Yellow rose like its pure and sober decent color shows the warmth, care and closeness between two friends. It is now a custom to gift a yellow rose to close friends to assure your friendship and strengthen the friendship. A cute friendship symbol means a yellow or pink rose.

Pineapple– Pineapple has an old story which shows that it was always considered and used as warmth friendship symbol to welcome new friends at home, to assure  true feeling for a relation and  welcoming anew individual in life with close heart and open arms. It is kind of a pleasant opening and still has not lost his charm. Friends can make pineapple tattoo and share this fruit for showing warm feelings for each other.

Jade Plant- You can also gift a friendship tree to your friend which is also called jade plant or money plant in some places. This plant has beautiful pink and white flowers and green juicy leaves which spread joy and happiness in your friend’s life. As the plant grows it also grows your love, trust and strong bonding between two friends. This is perfect friendship symbol.

Promise Ring–   Promising rings are an ideal friendship symbol as it can be wears by friends all the time. These are easily available in the market and in various designs and colors. Get one with your choice and gift your friend a promising friendship symbols to memories and have you all the time.

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