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Friendship Movies

Friends are the closest buddies and everyone has the finest memories of enjoyment and fun with their best friends. The favorite hangout of any friends is movies and picnics. Friends do spend lot of time together and enjoy watching friendship movies. Especially the friendship movies are the best time pass and fun for friends as they enjoy it by relating it to their lives. Friendship stories are so heart touching and remarkable.

Hollywood friendship movies impacts very strong on the lives of real friends as they are related to their life and the stories of their friendship. These friendship movies touch the heart and realize the value of true friends in their life. If you are way from your friend and it’s been time that you both have not seen each other, or you may have little dispute in your friendship, there can be any reason but true friends are never apart from each other. Friendship movies give you reason and advice to take back your most precious relation in your life.


Popular Friendship Movies in Hollywood

Beaches– Watching the wonderful movie Beaches with your best friend is an awesome experience to anyone. This movie says the story of two best friends who were together with each other at all the times. They supported each other in their bad times, good times, marriage and divorce. They have been the strongest part of each other’s life and showed that friendship is beyond any relation and it is not affected by any obstacles in this world.

Thelma and Louise– Thelma and Louise were two friends who decided to spend some time together and have fun without their men with them. They planned a trip on weekend and enjoyed a lot took some critical decision at the worst situation. This movie creates an interesting feeling among the friends that they don’t need anyone else to be happy and content.  It’s a must watch movie for friends and realize the feeling of togetherness and excitement between each other.

Au Revoir Les Enfant– This is story of a boy who became friends with another boy in his hostel and learnt the lesson of his life at the age of 12 in a boarding school. They were enjoying their friendship and the amazing feeling of understanding and trust then they met with an accident and their life changed completely. This story gives you the lesson by two young student sin boarding schools. The meaning of bonding and trust is explained in this movie.


Hit Friendship Movies in Hollywood

  • Boys On The Side            1995      Cast- Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Barrymore, Mary Louise Parker
  • An Officer And A Gentleman      1998      Richard Gere, Debra Winger, Louis Gossett Jr, David Keith
  • Circle Of Friends              1994      Minnie Driver, Colin Firth, Alan Cumming, Saffron Burrow
  • Crimes Of The Heart        1986      Diane Keaton, Jessica Lange, Sissy Spacek, Tess Harper.
  • Fried Green Tomatoes     1991       Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Mary Louise Parker, Mary Stuart Masterson
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