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How to Be an Ideal Friend

Friendship can start in a day but it takes time to build a strong relation of trust and love. Friendship is the relation which you made by yourself completely it does not need any condition or rules to have a friend. It is relation of your own; you are close to the one whom you find understanding and supportive. It is relation of two human beings who are together without any aim and need but has relation which is stronger than any other relation.  Anyone cab’t be a real friend, how to be an ideal friend then. You meet with so many people and become friends but the close one is different and they are ideal friend of yours consuming different qualities.

How to be an ideal friend? Is a question which has no answer or have plenty of answers at the same time. There are no rules of friendship but have certain expectation which need to be fulfilled by the friends.

An ideal friend is the one who is you and you are him. Best friends have opposite nature and characteristics still make a best relation in this world. The bonding is built on trust and understanding not on the choices or decisions. The given qualities of best friend will give the answer of how to be an ideal friend?


Qualities of  Best Friend

To be an ideal friend, one must possess the qualities given below:

Accept the reality– The ideal friend is the one who accepts you as you are. Ideal friends don’t pretend to be somebody but show you the truth and accept your truth. A friend is like a mirror to your heart which knows the real facts about you which nobody knows or ever understands.

Always there for each other– Love and friendship of an ideal friend is unconditional and it does not depend on factors ant situation. An ideal friend will be there for you, no matter you are right or wrong. An ideal friend is the one who supports you first and then ask the situation, who doesn’t need any explanation for any cause.

Listen to you– An ideal friend knows you better than anyone else because he/she is always there to listened things. Listening to all your problems again and again and doesn’t even get bore because he is understands you and your problem and giving you peace by letting your grief out through words.

Gives you space– An ideal friend gives you space and respect you private life. A true friend never forces him on you and knows that you have other relations too and must spend some time with them also.  An ideal friend is not a burden but a support to you.

Happy for you– An ideal friend is happy if you are happy. A true friendship is the one in which there is no gap between the friends and share same happiness and grieves.

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