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How to Be a Great Best Friend

Friendship is something worth investing in, because there is no loss in this venture and your investment only multiplies. So keep reading to know how to be a great best friend and have a mate for a lifetime. No matter what is your reason to know about the requisites of being great friends, this write up will guide you regarding every aspect of true friendship. Whether you have hurt a friend and want to rekindle your chemistry or you want to get a buddy for yourself. Valentine carnival will help you in nurturing that perfect bond of friendship.

To be a great best friend, you have to put in some hard work and put effort in several aspects of your personality as well. You must give your best in terms of dedication, time, sincerity and care. To be a great best friend, you first have to be your own friend, know yourself- your limits, your strengths. You must also learn to respect yourself and your values, because then only you will be capable of understanding others’. Learn to be happy with yourself. Then only you will be able to give happiness to others.

How to Be a Great Best Friend

Take a look below to know more about how to be a great best friend. These tips and ways throw a light on all the important aspects of a healthy and long lasting friendship.

Ways to Be a Great Best Friend


  • The Trust Factor– Trust is the most central to any relationship. To be a great best friend you must put your faith in your friend. It is important that you earn your buddy’s faith as well. There should be transparency in your relationship with your best buddy. To be a great best friend you should be able to maintain the secrets of your friend and instil confidence in you mate that they can share anything with you.
  • Friend in Need– A friend in need is a friend indeed. To be a great best friend, always stand up for your friends when they are in any kind of trouble. Supporting your mate through the worst times and helping them during crises is the best way to show your love and dedication for your friend.
  • Communication– Letting your friend know of your feelings is the best way to keep things going smoothly. Whether it is your happiness or objection regarding his or her actions, vocalise it. Talking things out keep the air clear of any misunderstandings.
  • Having fun together– People bond over shared joys and sorrows. Spending time together and having fun is vital to the health of a relationship. Make plans for the weekends, study together, hang out with other friends to keep your friendship alive.
  • Be a good listener and guide– Helping a friend sail through his or her problems is the best thing great friends can do. Always listen to your friend’s problems and suggest him (or her) the ways to tackle these contentions. Never abandon (or misguide) your mate during bad times.
  • Love and care– Gifting your friend something without any occasion, doing things which they like, understanding their problems and preventing them from falling for the wrong person are some of the instances of love and care. To be a great best friend, you must exhibit these qualities.
  • Expectations kill friendship– Assuming that your great friends can do anything for you is a sure shot way to kill the friendship. Unrealistic expectations will only leave you disappointed, as your best friend can’t do everything in the world. To be a great best friend; never expect your buddy to become your care taker.
  • Money matters– If you value your relationship never let the monetary issues plague it. If you borrow money from your friend, return it on time. And always deal with money matters in a transparent and straight forward manner.
  • Do not monopolise your friend– To be a great best friend, you should give enough space to your mate. Do not think of your buddy as your property and try to monopolise their attention. Hang out with other people and let your great friend have a social life.
  • Be yourself– Always show your true colours to your friends. Never try to be someone else or fake it in front of your great friends.
  • Mutual Respect– It is very important to respect each other in every aspect if you want to be a great best friend. If you have any issues with your buddy, let him (or her) know in a polite way and never insult your friend in front of others.
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