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Friendship Problems and Solutions

Friends have very strong relation and share that unconditional bond with each other. Besides, they are the ones with whom you are true self. They are the perfect apprehends to your every single expression and gives the relief from all your problems. But sometimes due to some uncertainties, misunderstandings and miscommunications, even the closest bond has friendship problems.  The bond between friends has their unique level of understanding and trajectory based on distinctive personalities, circumstances and history.

No one else can create problems between friends than themselves. Friends are completely dependent on each other and it’s hard to determine the trust and care of friends for each other. It is very heart broken for friend to accept the friendship problems and it made them so nervous and tense that they don’t feel capable of solving it.

Recognizing the problems before solving it is quite necessary and you will found that your problem is quite similar with others. Some problems which pop up without any prior notice are generally the big issue to worry upon. The unexpected disputes are disappointing and tough to deal with. Some of the major friendship problems and Solutions are:-

7 Best Friendship Problems and Solutions

  • Hectic Schedules– You both are busy in your lives and don’t have time to make plans. You always find yourself on the waiting for him/her and last with disappointment by your friend. This is a major friendship problem and need to be solved before it pains you much.
  • Problem with spouse or other friends- If you don’t like her partner, there is no issue in that. You must spend time with her without him. You can directly talk to her about your thinking and if you feel something bad about her as well regarding his partner than you must forcefully make her understand about her decision.
  • Inferiority complex- Friends are not jealous but it is human tendency to feel bad about other’s happiness over own sadness. It may happen that you are blessed with something good and your friend desires for the same. At this time you must have empathy and react accordingly.
  • Fewer things to share-   Earlier you both studied in the same school or college but now working in different dimensions and have very less things to share with each other. It’s not about the subjects but the bonding is lacking behind and you must unequivocal it before it get worst and end up your friendship.
  • Your friend taking advantage of you- You are always supported to your friend and doing all his/her responsibilities but your friend has start taking you for granted and making benefits out of your goodwill in work area. At this stage you must confront her/him and told her that you have noticed everything and not liking it anymore.
  • Dishonesty- You have shared everything with your friend and expect the same from him/her. Suddenly you found your friend enjoying with others without even telling you. This kind of friendship problems mainly resist due to communication gap and lack of understanding between friends. You must consider it as an end to your friendship and start looking for another best friend.
  • Your friend dumped you- Friends are also human being and can do mistakes. You can end up your close bonding of friendship but keeping in touch with someone you have been best mates is not bad. Behave maturely and ask them to settle down things with cold talks.
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