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Friendship Day Crafts

Friends are the best part of anybody’s life. Friends gave us so many reasons to cherish our lives. Friendship is a relation of two human beings who were strangers to each other and became the most important part of life by just one bonding and that is called love of friendship. The best gift for any friend on special day of friendship day would be friends time and love. A simple hug of thank you can be a precious moment for your friend.

Friendship day crafts are another way to make your friend feel special and delighted with your personalized handmade crafts. Friendship day crafts are best made by children as they made it with complete love and pure heart, they may be not in good quality but are hard to make relationship strong. The ever lasting impact is made by handmade friendship crafts by friends and you can also write or print something good on it to make it more appealing to your friend.


Easy Friendship Day Crafts

Friendship Band

The most popular friendship day gift is friendship band and it can be more beautiful and attracted if it is made by yourself for your friend. You are the one who knows him best. Make a friendship day craft of band to make it special day for your friend.

Things Needed

  • Beads of his name
  • 6 Colorful strings
  • Scissors


  • Plait your thread like you hair.
  • Tie the knot at one end and leave the other one free
  • String the beads in a pattern of your name and decorate it with sparkles.

Friendship Bookmark

You can made a handmade bookmark for your friend so that whenever he sees your bookmark while reading books, he has a smile on his face and you in his mind, best option on friendship day.

Things Needed

  • Felt
  • Ribbon
  • A small button
  • Scissors


  • Cut the cardboard in the form of long rectangle.
  • You can make it more decorative by giving arch at one side.
  • Stick the ribbon at one side with cute illustrations
  • Friendship funky quote on a bookmark will look cool

Paper Jewelry Box

Paper jewelry box is a sweet little box which can make your friend happy to see your efforts to make it. You will definitely get an appreciation for it.

Things Needed

  • An old box (about 4 inches in length and width)
  • Cloth or construction paper
  • Old magazines with lots of colorful pictures
  • Colorful buttons
  • Colorful ribbons
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • The box can be decorated by magazine pictures and color pages.
  • A velvet cloth will look good inside the box.
  • Border will best suit with ribbon pieces.
  • Buttons will increase the beauty of Jewelry box at the corner.
  • Write down your friends name by glitters to give it a personal look.

Friendship Day Crafts are one of those little actions that display your associates that you care for them. These little art thoughts for Friendship Day will give you some first-hand support in making products for the celebration. Use your own enhancements to add more magnificence to your products.

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