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Friendship Day Activities

The strongest bonding and closest relation in this world is friendship. You can be free and be real with your friends only. Friendship is fun yet so emotional and sensitive. Let your friends know their value in your life by celebrating friendship day and conducting these Friendship Day Activities with them.


Friendship Day comes on first Sunday of August, gives you the chance to cherish some memories and have fun with friends. These friendship day activities are unique from daily activities of fun.  Pick out the most attractive and eye catching activity from the list given below:-


Friendship Day Activities

Lovely Friendship Day Activities


A personalized card– Remember those childhood days when we used to wait for these special dates, and wanted to make an impression by drawing personalized cards with a handwritten friendship quote? Still those personalized cards have not lost their values and remain the best gift for your best friend on the special occasion. Make a card with your old pic of friends together and specialize it by writing your emotions.


Plan a hangout– You two have shared so many wonderful moments together and have a strong bonding.  Plan a picnic or hangout to any place either a club, a playground, any place where you both had the best time together. Take your friend to that place and let him know that his friendship has given you the best memories of life.


Make a bracelet– Show your care and love through your own efforts like making a friendship bracelet. His name, friends or first letters of your name- anything you can write or paint in a band to strengthen your bonding!


Write on Internet– One of the famous friendship day activities these days is writing on internet. Express your emotions by writing something special or dedicating a song on any social networking site. Let the world know that you have been blessed with a wonderful friend by God.


Watch a movie– Movies have always been a part of our lives and highlight the significance of love, emotions and friendship. Make a program and binge watch some of the famous collections together. Popcorns and soda, here we come!

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