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Friendship And Forgiveness

Friendship is a relation between two strangers who has strong bonding of love, care and trust. The best friends are born to be together and they meet each other anyhow and have the most powerful relation of friendship. We share our deepest feelings, secrets, ideas, aims and mission of life with friends. We trust our friends blindly and take them as family and some times more than family. As lovers have pillar of care and affection between them, friends rely on trust and togetherness.

The pain of betrayed from a friend is heart breaking and has no relief but the two words friendship and forgiveness go parallel with each other. Trust is broken once, cannot build again. But the only solution to get some repair then rely friendship and forgiveness. The loyalty and trust cannot be built again; one must try his best to save that trust from getting shattered by a true apology and honest forgiveness from a friend. Forgiving a friend means letting go of resentment, judgment and pain, while embracing love, compassion and freedom.

It’s not easy to forgive your friend as he/she has hurt you a lot and broken the best relation of your life but as even god has said that forgiving is the sign of love and friendship and forgiveness both the feelings must be respected. Six steps to forgive your friend and get some relief from the pain of emptiness.


Forgive Your Friends

  • Write a Letter– Writing is best ways to get relieve from pain, just pen down all your thoughts, anger, shock, sadness and any judgment you have for your friend. Don’t decode weather you want to send this letter to your friend or not. Write down all your heart and after completing the letter, you will relax and peace in your mind then decides you want to send him the letter or not.
  • Honor Your Emotions– You may get confuse and anxiety about the incident.  Many of the emotions can come around you including anger, resentment, sadness, fear and doubt. Let them come and think in every possible way. Just be yourself, let your mind and heart play all the game and give yourself a time to decide for further reactions completely.
  • Identify Old Wounds– An incident may light up all the previous ones and double the pain of sadness and betrayed. Clear your mind with all the pain and previous doubts as well. Mix up your current experience and old one and resolve them together. This time you get opportunity to heal your old pains with this.
  • Practice Acceptance- Make your mind ready to accept what your friend has done in reality. Don’t think beyond what he could have done. Its human nature to get judgmental with other’s fault and move into resistance which does not heal the pain. Try to accept the reality and your friend fault, what they have done and who they are.
  • Feel the Energy of Forgiveness– Forgiveness is an energy which vibrates in your body through some inner powers and strengths. Feel that power inside that you can’t be such rude to your friend and can’t leave your relation like this. Relax your body and mind and let your body match the high and light vibration of forgiveness in your body and show that you have given it equal importance to friendship and forgiveness.
  • Look for the Gifts– Everything happens, happens for good. Any good or bad experience has happened to you, must have a reason to it and try to explore that reason and learn from it. Your friend has hurt you and you have learnt the way to live life without your close one is a life lesson that you must not rely on anyone. Take everything in positive.


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