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Help Your Friend In Depression

Help your friend in Depression since it is a serious problem which causes so much pain, sadness and guilt and helpless feeling to the one suffering g with depression and to his/her closes ones simultaneously. Depression can be faced by anyone at any time and you are left with nothing else then suffering with the pain and grief. There are many reasons of depression which anyone can feel uncomfortable and conscious in telling to family and at that particular time friends are real angels who can take burden to help your friend in depression.

Friend is internal part of life with which you can share all your secrets and ups- down of life. Friends know about our weakness and strength both at the same time. So, if you are guilty and helpless to see your friend in depression then don’t be and feel relax and energetic with innovative ideas to help your friend in depression. 


How to Help Your Friend With Depression 

You know your friend best and can do wonders in his/her life with the advice given below:-

  • Show Empathy– Let your friend know that you are noticing his pain and depression. Tell him that you want to help him to regain from this pain and you completely understand and want to know understand about his mind and heart. Sometimes it happens that the person in depression feel alone and needed and don’t like to share his thoughts and pain with anyone else. At this type of situation, you can share your secrets and things with them so that they feel importance in your life and your bonding gets strong with them. They will feel comfortable and important with you and will share with you their pain. This is one way to help your friend in depression.
  • Listen to them- Depression makes human afraid and conscious about the world. There are several misconceptions about the depression that individual wants to be alone and don’t like to share with anyone else. But these facts are not true; all the books of how to help your friend in depression says that the depressing person desperately wants to regain their usual life and wants to share their grief and pain. As a good friend of them, just be with them and listen to them with patience and feelings.
  • Understand- It is tough to understand another person’s mind exactly but not impossible. After listening to all things from your friend. Put yourself in your friend’s shoe and feel the exact pain and situation of your friend. Apply the symptoms and emotions to yourself, and contemplate how you would feel if this was happening to you. Then do the needful to your friend which you would have expected from your friend in such situation.
  • Be There– The greatest treatment to the illness of depression is togetherness. Give your friend full support and feeling of closeness by being with them all the time. Sometimes a simple hug and special words can do magic for the friend. Just say to them that like “I am here for you and whenever you feel like talking I’ll always be willing to listen and to try and understand and see the changes.
  • Don’t push too hard- Everyone is different and you can’t be sure that what will make them please and how long they will take time to have positive attitude towards it. Give them their time to heal their pain and just be with them and don’t push them to do anything for you and get up go out without their wish. Just wait for their natural process to heal their pain and help your friend in depression by being with them and understanding them.
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