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Fall in Love With Best Friend? Here’s How to Propose Her/Him

This is the most awkward as well as beautiful feeling to fall in love with your best friend. Your best friend is the one who knows the real you. He/she is your partner of crime, caregiver, solace, support, adviser, consoler and many other things. And the best thing is that you don’t need to pretend anything in front of them and can be in your real self. But not always the other person thinks the same way as you do. You can freak out thinking the negative impact you may receive which can hamper the friendship. But before you nip your feelings in the bud, try to find out the truth. You should at least try to convey your feelings to best friend to see the reaction. If you feel nervous (which is quite natural!), here are some tips to help you.

Before starting your mental preparation, please clarify the following criteria

  • Is she or he is in a serious relationship and committed to someone else?
  • Are you really in love with your best friend or it is just a phase?
  • Do your friend has a negative idea about love and relationship?


After getting the satisfactory answer to all the above-stated questions, you need to prepare yourself to ask him or her the golden question.


Boy-and Girl Friendship happy friends


Look for Sign: Before asking, you need to find out is there any sign of attraction towards you. If you find any, your half battle is won already. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t find any. There are still chances. Keep a close eye on the behavior of the significant one when you are around. You can also casually ask your friend or any other close mutual friend whether he or she like anyone.


Practice to be Perfect: To save yourself from an awkward moment, you need to do practice in front of the mirror or with a friend. You also need preparation to receive probable response positive or negative. You also need to imagine the worst-case scenario which will help you to get rid of anxiety and depression.


Know the Time: Timing can be a gamechanger in your case. As a best friend, you must know when he or she is in good mood. If you find your friend not in good mood save the conversation for later.


best way to propose your best friend


Make Them Comfortable: Crack a funny joke or start small talk to make your friend comfortable before starting the conversation. And don’t feel nervous which can make your friend uneasy.


Share Your Feeling Politely: Now is the time for you to tell your friend how much you care for him or her. But before popping the question assure your friend that your friendship will remain intact whatever the answer will be.

 Ways to Propose Your Best Friend


Listen to The Response: You may feel restless out of anxiety and nervousness, but you need to listen to the response calmly. You need to let your best friend speak out of the heart as long as he/she wants.


Respect the Decision: You need to thank your friend for the answer you will get. Never question their decision and respect it.


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