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Reasons of Broken Friendship

Reasons of broken friendship can be many. Friendship usually gets broken when you don’t have the right friend or maybe sometimes you have misunderstandings and you ignore it or just get mad about things that you don’t really need to get angry. A friend is one with whom you love to share many things but there may be situations when you end up with your best buddy and have to live life without them. It doesn’t matter if the friendship has lasted three years or twenty-three years, it is still a painful process when a meaningful friendship disintegrates.

It is important to know the catalyst in the death of a friendship. When the reason is identified, healing can begin for both sides and lessons can be learned. In some cases it is very hard to identify one specific reason. Sometimes the underlying causes proved to be too numerous for us to repair even after we attempt to reconcile. It can be helpful and comforting to know the “why” of a friendship’s collapse. The knowledge will allow you to make stronger decisions in other relationships.

Check out the reasons given below to know what the reasons of broken friendship are.

Broken Friendship Reasons

Change in the priorities– Priorities does change in everyone’s life and friends must understand that.  One of the friends may get busy in making career or in other relation and other has to understand and give some time to him/her, but small arguments and fights may lead to broken friendship on such issues.

Falling in love– It is quite common reason of broken friendship. Your love interest may not like your friendship and may destroy your best relation in life and vice versa.

Third part involvement– Whenever any other person is involved in your friendship and passing comments and back bitching. Some friendships are strong enough to handle this situation but some allow the other person to destroy true friendship with these little issues. A stranger becomes the reason of broken friendship.

Restore Your Friendship or Not – You have lost your best relation before moving forward give some time and think was your friendship was worth leaving like this only. What bonding and close relation you had with your friend and can you move your life happily without your true friend.  It may be your fault which only you can resolve by just saying a little sorry to your friend. Find the exact reason and do some work do get back you best friend and best pal in your life. There can be any reason of broken friendship but only one remedy to it and that is to apologize and make your friend feel important in your life.

How to Gain Your Broken Friendship Again – Are you happy with your broken friendship? If not then put your attitude aside and simply go to your friend and let him know what pain and emptiness you are suffering without him.  Friends do not need much explanation but simply a gesture and true feelings of a friend which can heal the immense pains in life.

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