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Friendship Between Boy And Girl

Friendship is the most trustable relation in this world.  We make friends so easily and build trust with time and it is the biggest trauma for any individual to face any problem related with your friend. Friendship has no set of rules or any obligations for it. Friendship between boy and girl can happen any time, you can be friends with anyone with whom you receive positive vibes and wish to share every feeling and secrets.  We make friends with opposite gender as well and have good bonding regardless of male female factor.  But it has been observed that a boy who is friend relation will always take a move towards romantic relation between them. Friendship between boy and girls is question for everyone.


Love in Friendship

Friendship between boy and girl can transform into love. Love never happens in a moment or at first glance, it takes time and some nice talks to strengthen the relation. Even love needs the strong pillar of friendship to stand upon and it is always said that it is must to be great friends with your partner before getting into a serious relation or for having a strong bonding.  At the teenage, you become friends with your opposite gender and share time, go for movies, have dinners and do some adventures but later on you find that this is all you expected in your Mr. Perfect or Miss Perfect and start falling for each other. It takes time to realize your feelings because you are great friends and scared to loose your friend due to these jumbled feelings but the best remedy in it is to be truthful and expressive to your friends and let them know the reality that you have romantic feelings for him or her.  Love is pure and it may happen any time, there is no harm to love your best friend.


Friends Forever

You laugh, share, dance, and sing, have dinners and lunch, spend most of the time together and everyone around feels that you are couple but only you both know that you share the cutest and strongest relation of friendship with each other.  There is no book which says that close buddies should be of same gender or only two girls or two boys can be best friends.  A boy and girl may be opposite to each other and still have common thinking and likings which create a special bonding between them. When it comes to love they don’t find each other compatible and perfect for each other. Friendship between boy and girl can share all secrets, do adventures and spend most of the time together but still don’t have that romantic feeling for each other. For love and romance they have someone else and make dreams with him or her.

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