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5 Ways to Make Your Friends Feel Special

Friendship is a never-ending relation which must be valued at every step of life. True friends understand each other’s needs and do everything in their power to comfort. They are always on the lookout and help to tackle the “lemons” life gives away so often! There are certain ideas to make your friend feel special and cherish the bond. Thinking about how to make your friends feel special? Well here are some suggestions you can put to use:


ideas to make your friend feel special


  1. Compliment Them.

A random compliment can actually make your friends smile any time! It can be based upon the appearance, nature, affection or fashion. Here are some examples:

  • I love the way you are kind to people.
  • I respect the way you just handled the argument.
  • Your courage and faith in things really inspires me.
  • You’re really fun to hang out!


  1. A Thoughtful Gift Can Do Wonders

Make friends feels special by presenting them with a thoughtful gift. It can be a show piece, anything useful or something significant. As you are well aware of your friend’s choices and taste, you can explore various options, from clothing, shoes to soft toys, make-up kit and even a hand-made card.


  1. Prepare Their Fav Dish

How impressive it would be to cook their favorite dish with your own twist! On this friendship day, wear the chef hat, chop some healthy veggies and prepare a tasty, lip-smacking dish for your best friend to relish. It’s a sweet gesture and the memory will forever stay within your friend’s mind.


  1. Something Reminding You Of Them? Leave A Text!

Is there something reminds you of your friend when you come across anything or memory? Text them! See how wonderful you will make their day with a single message. Click a pic of T-Shirts with cute puppies printed on them. Or any quote which reminds you of your bond and connection. This is one of the best ways to make your friends feel special.


  1. Decorate Their Room

What’s better than decorating your friend’s room with ribbons and balloons and hangings? One of the best ways to make your friends feel special on Friendship Day is by renovating the room beautifully with handmade cards, soft toys and messages all over the place. Typical friendship goals, right?


Happy Friendship Day Guys!

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