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Why Men Cheat

Why men cheat is the most inexplicable thought that lingers in the minds of all women folk around the world, especially after that hurting break up. While some of you think that it’s in men’s genes to have new woman in their lives, men have their own reasons to defend themselves. But at the end the secret or reasons why men cheat still remains an undying question. So is it a nagging partner, change in lifestyle, lack of physical satisfaction or that childlike heart of men that leads to a bad cheating game. Surely all of them are somewhere or the other responsible, but does it ends over here, certainly not. Since ages it has been a major issue between the couples that why men cheat despite being gifted with so much love and care by their existing partners. Yes beauty matters a lot, but when it comes to why men cheat, then surprisingly even beautiful women are deceived by their partners. It would be not wrong to say that quest for sheer physical intimacy is the prime reason for men to cheat on their partners, but there are lot many things that compel a dishonesty trait in them.

Why Men Cheat

It’s hard to understand women, but impossible to gauge what really makes a man cheat on his partner. Well, after a bit analysis we get you some reasons men always use while defending themselves. Have a look at the reasons why men cheat and believe if you can.

Reasons Why Men Cheat

  • Lack of understanding- If you are struck somewhere finding the reason for why men cheat, then lack of understanding is the first reason one to come up.  Men have compliant to their women that they don’t understand them.  A couple who doesn’t have understanding is likely to get a cheated partner and that is men in most of the cases as it is really easy for guys to cheat.  A man goes out for work and can find another partner to talk and discuss his problems. Remember that men are not strong as women when it comes to feelings and if he is not able to get along with you well, he will surely look on for some other companion.
  • Spending almost no time together as a couple- It is very important for couple to spend quality time with each other. When two of you are busy in your own life, then you are left with very less time for each other and this is likely to take a toll on your relationship as well. Men always complain that woman find their life in shopping, children, work or household and later on wonder that why men cheat. Even they themselves are the reason behind it. Men need women for emotional and physical support both and if they don’t find it at the time of their need they find another one and blame it on women.
  • For payback- Why men cheat? Is it because they have been the same place and felt the pain of cheating and now they are reverting as vengeance. Many of men complaint that their women can’t forget their first love and this thing irritates them and make them feel ignored and ranting sometimes. So girls if you sense that your guy is cheating on you then just think deeper and search for the truth within yourselves. Make sure that you are not carrying unworthy past connections and if you are then it’s a chance for your men to cheat.  Men cheating are nothing but payback to cheating women.
  • Lifestyle incompatibility- Just love alone is not enough for a relationship to work wonders. Jot it down that besides those lovely things that you do or share with each other is just a part of your relationship. It is your compatibility that helps you sustain a long, healthy and faithful union. And in this Facebook age, lifestyle compatibility is really important. If you are not compatible for your partner as far as his lifestyle is concerned, then no need to think further on why men cheat. Men like to be with those women who match their ideas, ambitions and most importantly lifestyle.
  • The chemistry just isn’t there- Men have another reason to cheat women. Chemistry between two couples is quite necessary as men want his girlfriend or wife to give him peace and solace after the hectic day in office.  There has to be romantic chemistry between partners, otherwise man find other woman for it, because they can’t spend their life without romantic chemistry.
  • For self-esteem- Some couples have nothing bad with them, but at the same time they cannot boast about any good things either. A man can be with you till he finds the other one to foster his self-esteem and confidence. As per their cheating excuse men says that their partners doesn’t encourage them to do better and other girl who are more exciting and have some zeal, they attract them much and the answer to the question of why men cheat?
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