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Qualities Of A Boyfriend

What are the qualities of a boyfriend? Does this question often comes to your mind and leave you in an elusive state or with a half-baked answer?  Here is a list of qualities of a good boyfriend which can give a holistic and satisfactory answer to all your queries. Though it is a fact that there are many different perceptions of a perfect boyfriend but some qualities of a boyfriend are so basic and primarily desired by almost every girl in her boyfriend. For instance, no woman will ever desire a submissive man who completely compromises his individuality to make her happy. Or a person who has no respect for others and is self-centred.


And contrary to the popular perception the qualities of a boyfriend generally preferred by women are very minimalistic. There is no denial that girls dream of a Prince Charming but when it comes to practicality all that they need is love, care and respect. Men often complaint about girlfriends cribbing about small things like their socks, nails or not talking nicely or forgetting to message at night. But these are the attributes of the generic qualities of a boyfriend which women look for. A closer scrutiny of her demands and expectations will tell you that she is not really asking for too much.

Qualities Of A Boyfriend


Take help of the following section to find out the basic qualities of a good boyfriend that every women wish for.


Qualities of a boyfriend


  • He respects his woman and treats her well- Respect is an important factor of any relationship and has to be reciprocated by both the partners. A guy must listen to his girlfriend and respect her decisions and choices. If anyhow, he has disrespected her and said something which should not be said then he must not feel awkward to apologize to his girlfriend.
  • He is not passive- Girls always prefer men with strong personalities who can’t be brain washed and maintains their individuality. Being confident and having informed opinion about things is one quality of a good boyfriend which lures every woman.
  • He loves his woman for who she is- A good boyfriend is the one who loves his girl for what she is. He loves her despite all her foibles and helps her overcome her weaknesses. A desirable boyfriend is one who acts as the friend philosopher and guide of his lady in both good and bad times.
  • He gives her space- A boyfriend who likes to dictate his girl’s life and always decides things for her can never earns the respect from his partner. A good boyfriend will always trust his loved one, give her space and respect her freedom.
  • He inspires his woman to be better- Another one of the qualities of a good boyfriend is to encourage his girlfriend to achieve her dreams and aims in life. He will lend her unconditional support and never let her feel alone in hard times.  He will always lift her spirits and gives genuine feedback and advice.
  • His love goes beyond physical beauty- The best of the relations are those which lasts even when the lovers lose their physical attractiveness. One of the most desirable qualities of a boyfriend is that his love for a woman is not limited to her looks or appearances. Though men tend to think on the lines of physical attraction, but that should not be the limit of his love. A good boyfriend is one who looks for more than just being physical in a relationship.
  • He does not ignore her women- It is one of the qualities of a boyfriend which is very rarely found. A man who truly loves his girl will never forget to call or message her or ignore her preferences and likings. Men generally are not into such gestures but someone who really loves his girl will not hesitate to incorporate these small things in his life.
  • He is socially well behaved- Women do not like men who are not well mannered or are too loud. A good boyfriend will be one who respects the people in his life even behind their back and understands his responsibilities.


Top 10 best qualities of a boyfriend


  • He always makes his woman feel beautiful.
  • He is affectionate, sensitive, and romantic.
  • He is appreciative and forgiving.
  • He is confident and competent.
  • He is faithful, loyal and committed.
  • He listens to his girl and helps to solve her problems.
  • He can make her laugh.
  • He is caring.
  • He is passionate about his lady love.
  • He treats her like a princess.
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