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Boyfriend Losing Interest Signs

Boyfriend losing interest signs can help you to fight the situation. Probably, you rely on your boyfriend for your happiness and everything else. Boyfriend losing interest sign will help you to survive from the emotional breakdown, you may have in future. It will unequivocal things in your mind likes the ups and down in your relationship.

Men are strong by body and women by heart; it is very much true and proved in many relationships. Man does not want to put any effort to save the relationship and even they get bore and fed up with things so easily. Woman does not demand much but a constant love and support from their beloved but man are always in hurry and want excitement in every phase of life. They lose interest in same pattern of life and start pursuing the signs of losing interest.

Boyfriend Losing Interest Signs

Before you get a heart break, educate yourself and learn the boyfriend losing interest signs. Don’t move blindly in your relation and let your boyfriend go easily and hurt you. Understand his mind and heart by his gestures and behavior.

Signs of Boyfriend Losing Interest in You

  • He avoids for you with no excuse-He has no valid reason to avoid you but he is doing so. Whenever you plan out something, he does not show there and not take much interest in you and your plans.
  • He does not put efforts to maintain relationship- If he is not putting any efforts to maintain your relationship. If he is not bothered to do anything special to you and call back you or return messages then count all these things and gets it that he is losing interest in you and you need to do something for it.
  • Cheating- He is enjoying with someone else just to get happy and he is not even bothered about you and your emotion. Infidelity has no excuse and he is doing it and not even ashamed of it.
  • He lies to you frequently- The day he starts lying to you, just understand that he is not in love with you anymore or has gone to some other world. Trust is the strongest pillar of love and if it is broken then nothing left in the relationship. Try to get the reason of his lies and then decide whether he is worth of your love or not. He may lie to you for a good reason or a surprise also but if it is not then there is no hope of love.
  • He doesn’t listen to you- Men love to listen women talks and also take interest in your words. If he makes excuses for not listening to your stories or have much interest in watching T.V or listening radio. Even when he listens, he does not remember anything about you.
  • He doesn’t want to get intimate anymore- This is the biggest one, men loves to get intimate with their love interest physically or verbally and if he is not doing so then there is something wrong. If he is not happy with your kiss and hugs and does not like to hold you anymore is a direct sign of rejecting you and your feelings.
  • He picks up fights over small issues- He will find reasons to fight with you. On every single argument he leads it to a big fight and he always disagrees with your opinions on everything. He is just trying to blame you or circumstances for your breakup and nothing else.
  • He compares you with others- He is doing your comparison with others and makes you feel inferior among others. It’s your responsibility to secure your self-respect and let him realize him the same.
  • No future plans with you- He does not think and talk to you about future. Even when you talk about future plans, he ignores and does not give any response.
  • He doesn’t show excitement- Every special day and occasions goes so normal without any special party and excitement from his side. He is not excited about you and your days. He does not seem excited to spend time with you.
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