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Is He Your Friend or Boyfriend

A girl always remains in a dilemma whether his special friend has changed the place of friends to a Speical One or He’s just a friend. He is the best buddy of yours. You guys spend most of the time together. It is been so long that you both are sharing your feelings and secrets with each other.  You have big group but the one is more special to you and the comfort level is simply awesome between you to. You hang out for days and nights, go for amazing beech dinners but don’t call it a Date. He neither says anything to you nor you shows any signs of love but all your friends tease you by his name. You start blushing and search only for him in gatherings and parties.  He gives you extra care and affection and you have made a habit of his pin pointing.

Is He Your Friend or Boyfriend

How to Know is He Friend or Boyfriend


  • Fromance– Romance between friends is called fromance. It may happen between you two that you guys are attracted to each other romantically in friendship and didn’t realize it at that time. Fromance is a sign to go further in your relationship. You cannot blame or judge the situation why when it happens then accepting the fact that your friend is boyfriend now.
  • Special Treatment For Him– You may not realize because you are now familiar with his extra care and calls asking about your day and health and mood. It is in your daily activity now that you share your feelings about your friends and family with him. Just to check whether it is just a routine or something more, skip one day and feel the emptiness, if it is there then you have fallen for him.
  • Calling You With Cute Names– You both call each other with special names that are between you two only. You feel good that he has given you a unique name and calls you and it shows a special treatment or pampering by him.
  • Sudden Change in Body Language– You will find a change in your as well as in his body language, if you both feel more than friend for each other. A nudge on your back is signal from him that he has feelings for you and wants you to notice that. You bend little forward to him while talking and gaze in his eyes to attract him intentionally or unintentionally.
  • You’re Being Miss “J” – He is talking to some other girls and you can’t accept this thing, you avoid the situation but can’t see the guy talking to some other girl or taking interest in any other than you. This is nothing but jealousy, which is giving you anger and uneasiness.  Jealousy could one of the biggest sign of love.

Friend or boyfriend this question will not bother you anymore, if you clear these points then it’s to admit that you both are in love and should take relationship forward.

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