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Is He Cheating On You?

The best way to know if he is cheating on you is to analyse and observe the behavior of your spouse. If you see any over the top or drastic change in his attitude or deeds it can mean that he is having an affair. The change can be both positive and negative. But at the hint of any suspicious behavior you should never assume that he is cheating. A smart move will be to examine such traits for a while and then coming to a conclusion. The past record of a person is also a litmus test to find out if he is having an affair.

It should be noted here that a change in your beloved’s attitude may also mean that he is alienated from you and there are no other strings attached to it. Therefore, confronting your mate should be done only when you are certain to a great extent. And have examined all other reasons for his dry behavior. Else it might jeopardise your relationship if you can’t prove your point.

Is He Cheating On You?


Though it is never easy to spot cheaters and there are no sure shot signs that he is cheating on you. But still there are certain most commonly spotted behavior characteristics of a spouse having an affair.  These can give you some clue if he is cheating on you.

Signs He Is Cheating On You


  • Spending less time with you- If all of a sudden your spouse has stoped giving you time then he might be having an affair. And when you ask him about his schedule, it is always packed.
  • Less affectionate towards you- If lately he has stopped cozying up to you or he is not much bothered about your problems or feelings. Such indifferent approach indicates that he might be cheating on you.
  • Change in computer and phone habits- When you started dating your man, does he used to be constantly in touch with you? If he is having an affair he will try to be in touch with his new love interest as well. Also he will try to keep his phone and PC out of your reach, for obvious reasons.
  • Trust your instincts- You should never ignore your sixth sense. If your gut feeling tells you that something is wrong, pay heed to it and start watching for signs of cheating.
  • He will never have a sense of guilt- Men who have little or no sense of remorse and guilt are more likely to cheat. As, having an affair will not go against their morals and values, because there are not any.
  • Keeps picking up fights with you- On the other hand, there are men who start finding faults with their partners. It is mainly to hide their guilt and is kind of a justification for their illegitimate actions. A sudden increase in fights can mean that he is cheating on you.
  • Mood Swings- Many men start experiencing mood swings when they are having an affair. They basically swing between their guilt and their feelings towards the new love interest. One moment they are too sweet and loving, another minute they will start pointing fingers at you. These are sure signs of a cheating spouse.
  • Adverse changes in intimacy levels- If the graph of your physical intimacy is declining or it does not exist any more then he is definitely cheating on you. It is difficult to be physically close to two persons at the same time.
  • His friends acting weird- If he is having an affair then his closest buddies will have an idea about it. But since their loyalties lie with him they will try their best to conceal him specially when it comes to your mate’s where abouts. He is always with one of them, when he should be at home or with you.
  • Starts having privacy issues- When your partner is having an affair he will start complaining about privacy. He will not like you to come to his place and most of the times he will tell you he is not there. If you are living together than he will start blaming you for being nagging and not giving him enough space.
  • Drastic deviation from regular behaviour- Another sign of a cheating spouse is that he is no longer predictable for you. There can be a sudden transformation or change in his taste of food, music or clothing. It can be because he is changing accordingly his new found mate.
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