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How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous

This piece will guide you about how to make your boyfriend jealous without destroying your repo or ruining your relationships. It is not really difficult to make your boyfriend jealous. But first it is important to understand the reasons why you want to make your boyfriend jealous. As your course of action to make him jealous depends on that. For instance, if it is because he is not treating you well and you want to bring your relationship back on track, then your actions should be more subtle. But if it is about making your ex regret his decision to leave you then you need to have an elaborate plan to make him jealous.


It is also imperative to understand that making your boyfriend jealous is not all about making male friends and getting touchy with guys. But it is more about making him realise what he is losing on. Men have a ‘hunter- gatherer’ type of nature. The moment they feel that they have a total control of something or someone; they will start looking for another adventure (not essentially a girl). Therefore, to make your boyfriend jealous, all you have to do is- convey him that he does not govern you. And if he will take you for granted, he will have to bear the consequences. This is also the secret of healthy relationships. Never let your man feel that he knows you or controls you.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous

The following section will guide you through the various ways about how to make your boyfriend jealous.


Tips to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous


  • Act Suspicious- It is one of the best ways to make your boyfriend jealous without ruining things. You should act suspicious with the minute things like checking the phone more often, looking lost or giving very plain answers to his questions. Dropping these subtle hints to your boyfriend will surely make him ponder if there is someone else in your life. At the same time, without any concrete proof he can’t do anything that can jeopardize things.
  • Be happy– The biggest way to make your boyfriend jealous is to be happy in your life. Everyone wants there partners to think about them and they want to be the only reason of your happiness. If your boyfriend has any such feeling about you than he will always want to be on your mind. Therefore you should show him that you are happy without him and his absence does not affect you an ounce. It will make him go crazy and he will surely do something to get back to you and be a part of your happiness. Smile is the world’s greatest medicine which can heal almost all the pains.
  • Be social– Socialise with everyone around, even with your ex’s friends. Show your ex that you are mature enough to heal your pain and have moved on.  When you are approachable and your boyfriend knows that, it affects him very badly. But if your motive is to get your boyfriend back then do not get intimate with a friend of his or anyone he can find out.
  • Have more male friends- Be friends with other boys. Don’t jump into relationship and make other boyfriend, just be friends with them and let your boyfriend feel that there are many options for you as well. Your boyfriend will think that he has lost his position in your life.
  • Look good and feel good- Looks matter a lot and it boasts your confidence. Feel good about yourself; that will make you happy. And treat yourself to a sexy makeover. Your over the top looks will definitely make your boyfriend jealous.
  • Simply ignore him- If your intentions are just to make him realise your importance, ignoring him is the best idea. It includes not picking up the phone, going out with your girlfriends more often and keeping your conversations and meetings short with your boyfriend. This will surely make your boyfriend feel jealous and ask you what is wrong. But if it comes to confrontation do not say that ‘it was all to make you feel jealous’. Instead take up the issue that was bothering you.
  • Praise other guys in front of him- The most fun way to make your boyfriend jealous is to talk about some hot guys to him. They can be your friends or someone whom you met in the coffee shop the other day or an actor. You should describe (or exaggerate) your feelings about his looks, his way of talking and his car or watch. Also mention how breathless you feel around him and your heart starts thumping when he is around.
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