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Tips To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose

How to get your boyfriend to propose will allow that magic in your relation to take place, which till yet has not happened despite being long in the relation. Men simply can’t express what they feel and are very self-absorbed. Men are very proud of them and are scared of their image in front of others. Not everyone but most of the men are selfish and prideful. So if you are sure about his feelings and love then bend him on his knees and ask for your hand. Instead of rushing in, follow the how to get your boyfriend to propose tips and make things work out slowly. How to get your boyfriend to propose you are well tested steps which has been proved right in so many cases. Men are almost same in nature and can be treated easily if the following points are considered. Men are incapable of doing what they are told. They are too macho, too self-absorbed and too proud to give in to demands of others. Sure, not all men are like this, but a large vast of the man population is made up of selfish/prideful elements. Therefore, if you think it is time for your boyfriend to propose, you have to make him believe it.

How to get your boyfriend to propose

How to get your boyfriend to propose will take your relation to the next level by creating the right moment.

Get Your Boyfriend To Propose To You


Indulge an Outsider- You can confide your feelings to someone who is mutual friend of both of you. Try to tell all this feelings to his male friend as they can help you much in this. Ask your friend to talk to him about marriage and you. Set some questions like “Are you ready for marriage” or “what do you think about getting married to her (your name)”. Make your friend prepared with the entire sentence which will make him think about you again and again and enunciates your name in his mind.

A Little Jealousy Goes a Long Way- Guys do get jealous more than a girl. It works almost for every manIf you can flirt with some other guy in front of him then you must go for him. When he will get a feeling of losing you and jealousy then only he will realize how much he loves and want you back in his life. You just need to have some patience as he is not going to say it directly and will take time to show his love for you.

Discuss his Fears- Is he cautious to create a commitment because of some previous incidents? If you think there is something pestering him, which is also avoiding him from creating investment then you may discuss his concerns and try to perform things out.

Show him what a great wife you will be- Be sweet to him and helpful to him. You know him exactly what he desires and expectations for a wife. Prove him that you are the right choice for him and prove to be the miss perfect for him. Make him a dinner, laundry and take care of him when he is ill. That’s the perfect time to show someone how you can be proving to the perfect mate for him. That’s the perfect time to show a man that you can love and take care of him like his mother and every man wants his wife to be like her mother in caring and loving.

Ease him into conversations about your future together. If he isn’t responsive to the indirect approach, start slowly making it more direct, with phrases like, “if we stay together,” “if we live together,” and later, “if we get married.” Watch his reaction. See if he carries that conversation on or avoids the subject. Keep in mind that even though this may have been on your mind for a long time, this is a new conversation for him and he needs time to sort out his thoughts. Don’t expect him to have his answer prepared.

Make a logical argument for getting married. If he’s a logical thinker, appeal to that part of his brain. Practical and legal benefits of marriage include putting your significant other on your insurance plan, being eligible for more government benefits and filing joint income tax returns.

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