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Tips to Get a Boy to Like You

Gather around ladies, the professor is in and in today’s lesson we are going to get that guy you are losing your mind over, to like you (well as long as he’s not Neil Patrick Harris). The male specimen of the human species is a simple creature mostly found in his natural habitat i.e. in front of a computer or a TV. He is ingenious and quite resourceful when it comes to machines and quite the dork when it comes to other humans, emotions and sentiments. Now you might be sending him all the right signals doing everything you can short of screaming “I’m into you, you dork!” and he’s still not responding. Don’t worry he hasn’t probably got it yet. Coincidentally that’s exactly what we are here for, to tell you how to get a boy to like you.

Guys aren’t really that complicated to understand, and contrary to popular belief all of them are not into ‘bad girls’. For the most part a simple smile is a good enough weapon in your feminine arsenal to get a one shot kill. Trust me when I tell you, there is no man who can resist an honest smile. Take note: next time you see him flash him a smile, that’s a pretty good start.

Tips to Get a Boy to Like You

Read on for more tips to make a guy like you or better, fall head over heels for you.

3 Step To Make Him Like You

Step 1:

The first step is the most crucial one in your mission and you really really need to pay attention to this one. You need to make sure he notices you and we are here to tell you how to get a boy to notice you. If you want him to like you he needs to know you exist. Now there literally a gazillion ways to go about this but only few of them are subtle enough to qualify and first thing to do is look presentable. Smiling at him when he sees you or when you see him is also a pretty good way to start; if you’re bold enough feel free to wave at him. You can also catch his eye and hold for a few seconds and then break contact and be on your way (these are excellent ways to get him to think about you for a long time).

The next thing you need to do is to start a conversation. While most women wait for the guy to come over and start a conversation, it’s perfectly normal for you to approach him and start a conversation which can also be done in a million ways, if he’s in your class or your neighbour just a simple ‘hi I’m ______”. This shows your confidence and also tells him that you’re approachable.

Step 2:

Now that you’re on talking terms with him time to breach his defences and get close to him. First thing you have to get his friends to like you. If they like you they’ll obviously put in a good word for you. Next try getting him to spend time with you together doesn’t need to be an official date, just ask him to help with your lessons, or to accompany you someplace. This gives you one on one time which you need to use to learn more about him. Ask him about his interests and share your own. DO NOT pretend to be interested in his hobbies if you’re not because he will find out and if he does it won’t bode well for your relationship. Differences are not necessarily a bad thing; they can actually be some great conversation subjects. The lone time is also a great time for you to break the touch barrier, which most guys are petrified to do. A playful punch on his arm, brushing your hand against his and if you’re bold enough slip your arm in his arm (trust me he won’t object).

Step 3:

If you’ve followed the instructions till now perfectly or even semi-perfectly, you would be pretty close to him now and a little playful flirting has become the norm. I’m pretty sure that he’s also flirting with you now and guising his interest in jokes. That’s a good sign it means he likes you and wants to ask you out except he’s a little scared (also a good sign). Now let me tell you how to get a boy to ask you out. Well you can’t just blatantly ask him to ask you out now can you, and asking him out yourself would be making things too easy for him (let him do some work too eh). All you need to do now is to nudge him in the right direction. The best way would be just ask him “would you lie to hang out some time” to which he will most definitely respond “yes” now all you do is smile and walk away. You have expressed your interest and assured him you wouldn’t mind going out with him and he will definitely ask you out pretty soon.

P.S.: Dress well on your date and all the best.

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