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Compliment For Guys

‘What are the right compliments for guys’ is one question that lingers in the minds of many girls who are new to the ecstasy of love. It is equally important for those who want to start off a budding romance with that someone special. Getting the compliments for guys right,  is one such wand that not only brings a wide grin to your man’s face but also leaves him thinking about you for a long time. Just like praises make girls feel good about them, similarly a guy also likes being pampered by the sweet compliments that you give to make him feel really special and admired. It is perceived that guys do not like listening to any sweet things. But we must say that genuine compliments for guys are one of the most prudent steps to hint him about your feelings and at the same time make him inclined towards you.

You might be under the impression that stroking a man’s heart is not that easy, but we can assure you that compliment for guys do melt their hearts and flatter them. Besides, some personalised and honest compliments make a man feel good about him and in the process your status in their life gets elevated. However you have to understand that the compliment should be timed right and said in the right tone. The next segment will also guide you on this.

Compliment For Guys

So what are you waiting for? Below are some compliments for guys that you should consider not only to gain instant attraction but also to make things easy to take to next level both in terms of love and passion.

Best Compliments for Guys

  • ‘Boy, you work wonderfully’ Yes, these four words will work just so magically to make him feel the most happening guy around. Any guy likes to listen that he is probably the best at his skills, be it garage, office, kitchen or gym.
  • ‘I feel the safest in your arms’ Guys love to hear this, especially if you are dating one with a great caring nature and who has ample of actions to back his talk. They like to be protective and if you compliment on their attitude they will feel warmer at heart. For best impact of this compliment for men, say it during intimate moments.
  • ‘Time I spend with you is truly memorable’ Most of the times guys do think that you like him because of his looks, money or status, but with these lovely words you can make him feel that you love him for what he is from inside. This is a great compliment for guys.
  • ‘That shirt really suits you’ It may be said that not all guys like to make a style statement but it is also true that boys do like if you compliment dearly on one of his favourite piece of clothing. To be precise it boosts up their ego.
  • ‘This is the best gift I’ve ever got’ Yes this is one of the best compliments for men when they get you something. Make him realize that whatever he gifts you will always remain most precious to you. This will signify that you like his choices and adore him for his brilliant selection. But keep this a rare compliment.
  • ‘Your family and friends are simply superb’ Guys love you but they equally love their family and friends. Always respect and compliment his loved ones as these words will mean the world to him and build a great bond between you two.
  • ‘I really respect you’ men love it when their women say this. It gives a boast to their confidence and make them feel loved and appreciated. Also try to make it more specific, like I really respect you for your attitude towards orphans or your work etc.
  • ‘You look hot today’ a compliment every now and then praising your man’s physical appearance will make him feel that you still get turned on by him. You can add something to your compliment like- can’t wait to go home.
  • ‘I love talking to you’ this compliment makes your man feel that he has an important place in your life. And that his care and support for you has been appreciated by you.
  • ‘You make me a better person’ this is one of the excellent complements for men. Every guy loves it when they can bring out the best in their mate and that their presence has a meaning for you.
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