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Why Chocolates Are Better Than Boyfriend

We agree that the essence of someone special treating you as a princess is beyond any comparison. But here is Chocolate, a succulent bar of dark, nut-filled, caramelized bar filled with every kind of emotions, which can slay off your every downfall within moments. Have this thought ever crossed your mind- Why You Should Not Have a Boyfriend but a bar of a chocolate can be your soul mate? Well, the answer is simple, our secret love affair with Chocolate, with which our undying love has been proven over again in years! Be it any day, sunny, rainy, misty, and cold or anything- a bar of chocolate revives the mood and derives a euphoric sense.

Chocolate is way better than a man who relentlessly broke your heart into pieces and never even bothered to call you back or even seeing you. Chocolate can be your life long companion, eternal love one might just say. There is Things That Are Better than a Boyfriend, and you know the rest of the answer! Not only they are delicious, they are healthy and nutritious for body as well. So, following are some reasons why chocolate is way better than having a boyfriend, as they are way dependable with ladies loving them anytime of the hour! Go ahead, there can be no contradictions!




Reasons Why Chocolates Are Better Than Boyfriend



Why Chocolate Is Better Than A Man? Well, there is no waiting on the other line, counting seconds or looking out for a hefty arrival. Chocolate is always there for you, anytime, anywhere! They never promise to call and ditch you, but are always by your side to comfort you in the darkest of hours. Wait, is that a chocolate? *Going for it*


Chocolate never disrespect your inner feelings, and will listen to you weeping your heart out every time you open up a pack of Ferrero Rocher. There would be days when you would be feeling that the whole world is against you, or crumbling beneath, and you just want to doze off inside a quilt. Even though they cannot speak, a mere sight of a box of your favorite chocolate can do wonders.


Ultimate answer to your question- Why Chocolate Is Better than Being in Love? Chocolate will never insult you, will never hurt you or never say bad about you or to you. Sure boyfriends don’t do it intentionally, but at times, there are a little over-the-top statements. To cure that sadness, chocolate comes to your rescue with its sweet, melted, exquisite taste.


There is no need to impress, as they are your day-makers no matter what. There is no need to be up-top in front of them; a simple pajama with a messy bun and a ripped shirt would do just fine. Chocolate will love you no matter what lies beneath, and there would be no judging.


No one runs away from that enticing aroma of Chocolate. It never stinks, never gets bad, you can keep it with you all day, can inhale the smell whenever you feel like- Anything! There is something euphoric about a Choco bar. *Unconditional Love*


One of the main Reasons Why Chocolates Are Better than Boyfriend is that there would be no rejections, physically, emotionally and mentally. Be straight- some men are rude and indecent, and will use any tool; to get out of a relationship. Well, that’s not the case with chocolates. They are not ruthless, knows how to pamper well without any suggestions and well, the taste is deliciously yum! There might be rejections from a man’s side, but chocolate will never leave you!

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